DSP Verse:
The talent is sporadic & the downfall systematic
When ya dealing with the unreal & the state is problematic
All the rapping is erratic & relying on the look
And ya giving nothing back while degrading all ya took
For a name & money & fame, I understand
I want a bit of money too, but I'm gonna keep it real, man
Ain't gonna sell myself to a game where the image is king
I'ma say what I feel & be as honest as sin
I'ma bring myself to the fore
Push the pedal to the metal, burn a hole in the floor
Sick of the shit you're cramming airwaves with
Quintessentially demotic just to fit in with the clique
'Cos it's all the rage now
Forgetting the roots & just rapping for some weed & a root, now
Time for truth now, not fucking with the youth now
It's Maddy Lee & DSP & we coming round
We bringing it loud for the people who are feeling it
Ya knowing the culture, know that people tryna milk it
And we 'bout giving voice to the people
Who know what going on & wanna right all the wrongs
Now back to the track, attack the whack
And put the sound all around, you can't turn ya back
Ain't subliminal criminals coming at ya for the bank
And thinking minimal damage to manage, go have a wank
'Cos it's all ya really good at
No meaning, it's demeaning with the drugs, the hoes
The red & blue & the gats
I'm here to bat for a team with a dream
Tryna get on the scene without something too obscene
Like the next big thing
All the gangbangers bare their mic in the ring
Thing we can't stand is they think they are the shit
But they're just plain shit but fuckers don't realise it
'Cos this is their life, they think it's all good
When the bullshit is rife, ain't doing what they should
Tryna revive the hood instead of regenerate
Ghetto mentality playing with ya mindstates
Now the sails going down, this ship is going down
'Cos the public sees you as a clown
'Cos it is always the same, there's nothing new & nothing fresh
Popularity, vulgarity going together best
It's depressing, but it's a matter pressing
And I ain't guessing that ya think I'm jesting
It's damn right it's a sight when we tight, when we write like a fight
Give insight & we fucking up ya night

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