Verse 1:
Wake up & pay attention y'all, this is the day I die
And don't ya wonder why, yeah, don't cry
That I'm way too young & that I didn't achieve
Everything I wanted to, man, I'm happy to bleed
This life, old life, from up outta my veins
A new life to embrace, see me taking the reins
I'ma whip these steeds to stampede & steer them in the direction
Of results of past discretion, yeah this class is in session
Quit stressin'
I'll make up for your lack of intelligence
You can copy my papers on the irrelevance of this to begin with
I didn't learn a single thing in school
'Cos my head was full of memories of a life that had me fooled
Had the wool pulled over my eyes
The consequence of thinkin' that to live I have to be alive
But it was a lie
Have you ever seen the rain from The Other Side?
That which didn't make sense now does now that I've died

When I died my eyes were closed
But now they open wide & god knows
That I'm ready to blow & throw up the signs
That I'm passed & I'm happy & given the chance I'd never rewind
When I died my eyes were closed
But now they open wide & god knows
That I'm ready to blow, that I'm ready to blow, that I'm ready to blow up!

Verse 2:
Yeah, the clarity is amazing
The nature of high definition is mine
When I position my sight on all of creation
Nothing from the fly to the skyscraper high
Is too difficult for me to scrutinise
In meticulous detail, the bomb & the whale
The sarcophagus, the veil, the crucifix & the nail
The soldier & the civilian. the victims & the villains
And the men without faces in their high places chillin'
Yeah, I see it all
I see the call to war, I see the pride & the inevitable fall
The vendettas & plea letters & death threats once vetted
And dismissed vetted again & verified genuine
Pantera said it best, yo, it's time to rise
They organised to invade & take lives
But I beat 'em to the punch, I vacated the confines
Look at me, I can fly fly fly now that I've died


Verse 3:
I've always had troubled with my eyes
Maybe I should've took the headaches as a sign to do the exercise
Provided to me by the doctor of optometry
But now that I'm dead I've got the sharpest picture quality
Not to mention audio
I can hear the heart start beating faster when a lie is passed
And I can isolate the sole veracious voice
From that of the politician, magician & others never giving you a choice
I still converse with the living
Despite the fact they try to bring me back but they unwillingly giving me
Seemingly limitless cause to stay a corpse, of course I let 'em know
But I know they'll never find a cause to try the course of Juggalos
Ignorance is the cause of all strife
And your contentment in that state is the reason I took my life
So destroy the horcrux, I really am fine
Right here in the land of the dead now that I've died

Hook X2

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