Just you and me
Getting high and hanging out
Getting high and messing around
Getting high and trying to figure it out

There was a sacrificial ritual inside my room last night
Was held there in secret hard to see anything in the candle light
Now there is melted wax all over my floor
And the scent of incense is rising up from underneath the door

Now maybe it was not as serious as I am making it sound

Just you and me
Getting high and hanging out
Getting high and messing around
Getting high, trying to figure it out

I feel the burn my tired feet
Not much to go a few more streets
See your face is all I need
My one and only, my sweet relief
And you would think I never had it
The way that this world mocks my magic
But it was all for you
To continue to be able
To continue to be able
Right now

Cause you and me
Getting high and hanging out
Getting high and messing around
Getting high, trying to figure it out
I don't need your (getting high) reasons anymore
(And messing around) I don't need your reasons anymore
I don't need your reasons anymore

I put my wrong finger in the hot wax
Now I can't wait for you like that
The last thing I need is truly
The stupid excuse for a reason to fight back
I can't begin
Begin to tell you
The way it all felt
When everything fell through

(GDP Verse)
You moved to New York to meet a beautiful girl
And drink fancy cocktails without a care in the world
But you got scared they're all gonna find someone else
So you find one and tell it things you're dying to tell
We got high as hell, how did I forget how it went
It was a song about love at the time it made sense
When the song ended we just layed there in bed
You would have fallen asleep but I stayed up and read
I made a list of everything I said I never meant
Considered all the things I never said but I digress
I got dressed kissed your forehead and left
You called me when you woke but I was sleeping off the meds

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Historic Cemetry (Featuring GDP) song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think that this song is about coming to terms with a failing relationship. The opening lines are casual, even humorous, as the speaker recounts memories of his reckless youth. He felt free of obligation and he, and the subject of the song, spent their time together getting high and ignoring their responsibilities.

    The first stanza sets up a completely different scene involving a pagan sacrificial ritual. In this context, I think that the "sacrificial ritual" is a greater metaphor for the speaker letting down his gaurd for a loved one, because sacrificial rituals usually entail giving something up to gain something else--in this case, the speaker gave up his cool and collected façade to build a relationship with someone.

    The speaker then discredits himself by saying that "it wasn't as serious" as he was making it out to be, and that there was no real sacrificial ritual, just him and his loved one getting high and hanging out. The speaker describes a "sacrificial ritual" in order to try to make sense of some great revelation he had while doing something mundane, in this case, while getting high.

    The next stanza describes the speaker struggling to get from one place to another, as his feet are "tired". But his loved one's face is all he needs to get him through the ordeal, which suggests that the person in question is very important to him. He's thinking about how "the world mocks [his] magic" because they don't believe in it. The "magic" he's referring to is love, I believe, because he goes on to say that it was "all for [his lover]".

    After the chorus, the speaker describes "putting his wrong finger in the hot wax", which I think symbolizes him putting all of his faith into a doomed relationship. The last thing he needs is "a reason to fight back" because he realizes that this relationship is only hurting him, and not really worth salvaging. In the last lines, he confesses that he doesn't have words for the absolute devastation he felt when things with his lover went south--which speaks to the extreme anguish he feels at present while reflecting back on the relationship.

    The spoken part at the end describes a relationship that was riddled with infidelity and drug use, and failed, indirectly, as a result of those things. It can be inferred that on some level, this is the kind of relationship that the speaker had with his loved one before things dissolved.
    swampbabyon June 06, 2016   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely my favorite song on the new album. It feels like a good mixture between their newer sound and the first album. The voice at the beginning in the background reminds of their older stuff. The song is full of emotion, and then GDP comes in at the end, and it all culminates. Great song.
    DarkwingDanon September 23, 2015   Link

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