(DJ chatter)

Aesop Rock:

Check it, in a box marked "divinity", I trap the trinity
of honor, evolution, and serenity.
Pulled the reign into me,
Sorta? type hype oddities of style,
lost child prodigy intrigued,
fatigued by a suit and tie spy claiming post-Bonham? peacemakers
with the worlds ends calibrated in their briefcases
Case em when the sun bursts...
and the populace awaited my reply:
I spit a billion tiny, brilliant white lights into the sky.
When your last murmurs fade like colors in graff burners,
soon to be flustered and clustered in with comrade trash hurlers.
Color me a sideline observer, alerted not yet retreating
and the climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing.
Penny for your reasoning, Doug, which luckily I ain't as blessed to hold your attendance
so I could slide my guided tenants on the one.
That drop in the bucket boogie begun,
brick in the wall installments draw a fallen performance.
Fifth element, critical endurance
kingpin allow only the murkiest swamp bot
to slip beneath the skin, this is Aesop
recording til your TDK stops(?)
watch laboratory clone demotions dodge on natural hate crops.

With the bearers of the reptile smile
again and again, blendin' a friend with a fiend
lendin' a bended dream,
keen, cold, the straight soul drenched, temper
fuckin, back boogie, I'm a settler,
kids wanna know the Aesop Rock...
the off the top, prototype, straight Robocop.
If you're Quasimoto, and you're slomo to stop
ya rock bells, I block spells casted.
If you wanna straight flacid pass me towards... you
what? Kids wanna jet? 'Tis I, the 6 foot 4 space cadet
all up in you, kids wanna bend you back
so who's the next kid to rock upon the track?

(other rapper begins, cuts out)
(another rapper finishes, DJ)

Aesop Rock:
(from Wake Up Call)
Tell me is you fat cats or lab rats?
Trails tell my steppin' got em sweatin' flashbacks.
I played a part of minesweeper clunkin' sneakers
in my sunken city defunked and apparently examinin' famine.
I'ma follow the strobe while your blind spot swallows the globe.
Sink through the track and think back.
When I was a boy, I employed styles exhausted by every lost child.
At present, normally I drill pillars of normalcy.
You're all cordially invited to accompany me
in rotations at the tables to label the opposition
as I choose.
Refused to evolve with the cold.
Rapidly dissolve my involvement in a solvent of soul
and rolled back.
My brain tripped the beta, waits, trap for the slaughter
like livestock infected with anthrax.
When my Compaq of clan snaps to lapse was the mandatory maze,
where the bluest ribbons yield the glory days,
I reside up on the opposite circuit in glorious dazes
where glorious hazes are grey,
spun through my array of operations
slave to idiot box revelations
that wrap tightly in a practice
with my colleagues and slackers...
straight 20,000 league mappers.
And the swelling increases...
Once the mortar hit the pestle,
your whole vessel fell to pieces...
And I laughed! I laughed for me and my starving art family.
I laughed candidly, your failures ampin' me to vamp fresh.
My mic stabs white flags and drags trembling,
Devil skin-wearers through the terrors of compliance.
When the day turns night, señoritas suck the woody like termites
And wonder how they got labeled dick-hungry damsels in distress.
The all new and improved, poetically portable Aesop Rock!
Available in stores with my highly suggested parental discretion,
and 99 brilliant new dimensions, bust it...

(studio chatter)

Aesop Rock:
(from Shere Kahn)

Bust this, I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects
Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched!
Gridled between dense pillars of polar value lies
a grey so blueless it's got I fiendin for the sky.
Synthesized lies rise synthetic
Sittin' inside solidified plastics who's lateral burns germ compatible...
My firm's radically piloted, dodging a fire swiftly
Yellow brick stalker walking shifty...
I am but a prototype Metroid programmed to Holocaust style
while you're soakin' in the stages of denial.
Your petty soldiers stand fragile like Giacometti sculptures,
embedded in aromatic cultures. We's rock steady vultures
Plus I's the guise of rowin' a soul.
My wingspan stands flags in the snow of the poles.
Swerve my alignment towards solitary confinement and jade it.
Stripping, color my passion mitigated...

(shoutouts all around)

Lyrics submitted by Mellow_Harsher

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