{Dr. Dre} man I need sum muthafuckin pussy. {MC Ren} hell yea get sum bitches around dis muthafucka {Eazy-E} I don't need shit (Dr. Dre) bust a left up here on sunset (MC Ren) iight. Check it out there go sum bitches right there. (Dr. Dre) just pull over just pull over (Dr. Dre) a yo bitch cum here let me talk to you foe a minute. (Hooker) huh? What? U talkin tah me? (Eazy-E) nah ya mama bitch, u kno who da fuck we talkin bout. (Dr. Dre) get yo muthafuckin ass ova here. (Hooker) watchu want big boy (MC Ren) wassup wassup (Hooker) watchu mean wassup what kinda money you talkin bout. (MC Ren) money? Bitch you betta open up yo mouth and suck my dick. (Hooker) yo dick ill----- (MC Ren) grab dat bitch grab her grab dat bitch (Dr. Dre) get yo muthafuckin ass in the car fuck dat muthafucka. (Hooker) let me go let me go (Eazy-E) I aint fuckin dis bitch (3x gunshots) fuck dis bitch man. (MC Ren) fuck wrong wit you man shootin dis bitch in my shit (Eazy-E) u shoulda neva put da bitch in the goddamn car anyway. (MC Ren) shit all ova da seats man. (Dr. Dre) man fuck dat bitch man there go sum mo bitches ova there blow tha muthafuckin horn

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To Kill a Hooker song meanings
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