I don't mind when I lose my mind
Yeah, I lost my mind, seven eight or nine times
And you wouldn't mind if you lost your mind
Having lost your mind already eight or nine times
I don't mind, no it feels just fine
No it feels just fine when I lose my mind
And it looks so nice when it's flying right by
Now I don't mind when I lose my mind
My whole life I've been losing my mind

It was 1989 when I lost my mind
For the very first time I went down in the mine
Going down in the mine I didn't know what I'd find
But whatever I'd find, say that it was mine
And I brought a little bird, it was short lived
And I lost my mind when the little bird died
Because as I stopped to cry for the little bird's life
For the moment my mind was out of my sight
And I turned back around to a terrible surprise
I had lost my mind for the very first time
I lost my mind for the very first time

Since I was a child, they tried to let me slide
Then I lost it twice, they said it was a crime
And my hands were tied, I was read my rights
It was a real short list written in little, tiny type
And they built their perfect prison and locked me inside
I cried, "this is so wrong," they said "It's alright"
And then a plate full of pills, I swallowed them dry
I was displayed in a cage, they claimed, in the name of science
And they probed, prodded, realigned my spine
'Til they said I could walk in a straight enough line
And then they pushed me back out into the bright sunlight
I didn't know what it meant to be institutionalised
Yeah I begged for readmission, it was denied
Where do you reside when you've lost your mind?
Where you gonna hide when you lose your mind?

So I went back to where I had last seen my mind
He was sitting right there with his eyes real wide
And looking into mine said "I apologize
But being confined is something I cannot abide
But if you'll take me back we'll give it one more try"
Then we hugged, high-fived and stayed up all night
In the light I realized they were all just lies
He had robbed me blind and hadn't said goodbye
I was too desirous, so unwise
I got excited and I lost my mind
Why, oh why, must I lose my mind?

Since then it's been a struggle just to stay alive
Suicide seems superior than trying to survive
That's why when I'm in yr sight, there'll be no sign of a smile
But the sound of a sigh I am happy to provide
Lastly, never ask me, "can I know yr mind?"
No, my mind is too wild, it's the wandering kind
And I never know when it might be likely to arrive
So I don't mind when I lose my mind
No, I don't mind when I lose my mind
No, I don't mind when I lose my mind

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