One of the things we had
Until the flag got through it
The smile doesn't work no more
The smile doesn't think like me
I wish that I could cook for you
Then smile and pick your teeth
The smile doesn't work no more
The smile don't breathe like life
Can't see how you rest at night
The smile don't care, it hides
The smile doesn't work no more

I've got a picture in my head of what you look like when you're sleepin'
This skin sinks into the instincts of a demon
Can't believe the words exist once you're breathin'
The evil-eyed eagle flies high into the evenin'
Every season has a reason
And every allegiance was inspired by some type of a treason
You can keep your secrets, nobody needs 'em
Convinced everything'll get better after you leave him

Skip the proper impeachment, not enough to call the bluff
Of the cotton beef, rotten top feeder got a fever
Caught him stealin' from his own father
Caught the globe fucker off with his mother, no don't bother
Got a better plot, a lot more dignified
A little more historic, a lot less truth to hide
Do it light instead of plushin' it
Be the first one to ride into the sunset, successful suicide

The smile doesn't work no more
The smile doesn't see my side
Or the people we leave behind
Or into the fear of the crowd
The smile doesn't work no more

Didn't think that you would, give a little of a damn
About the interest of the man, woman, child look at now with your crooked smile
Put it into the perspective of a skeptic
Well first it hit in hell, head first (boom!)
All you wanted was all of it, callin' him from the office
Unaware and lost of where the watchtower sits
Power fits in your wallet, too much for the mountain of big guns
Death count, it's got you all surrounded now

Dubya dubya dubya dot six six six dot net
Fuck ya fuck ya fuck ya lots of kiss kiss kiss got wet (splash!)
Break the body, set fire, no loss
Make the dollar holler, how much will your soul cost?
When you die, are you gonna be surprised?
Will you see it coming? Will it be your summons?
When you face the judgement of death
Reinterpretation is all that's left, now hold your breath and

Close your eyes
Prop up your disguise
Reap their loving eyes
The smile doesn't work no more
The smart doesn't trust your words
Laughing at what we've heard
Stop and then cut the nerves
The smile doesn't work no more
The smirk doesn't do us just
It marked my ignorance
The smirk assembled us
The smile doesn't work no more

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