"Hard Wired" as written by and Alejandro Rose Garcia....
Well water was wine
Back on blue Mountain Time
While I watched your lovin’ expire
While I laid close to you
As the lace on the shoe
And that’s when I knew
We were hardwired

Well you bumbled like bees
And I boiled like the seas
While you led where no one would follow
So I hid in the mud
Of my catholic blood
And let that minute hand race towards tomorrow

But are you are as you came
Mostly bliss and cocaine
Just a match beggin’ for fire

Yeah, and I am as I was
Sick with mercy and love
Well I’m sorry enough
I was hardwired

So baby sit by the still
Drink up your fill
Tell all of them people your problems
Those friends were so true
When you were 22
But now you’ve got nothing in common

Cause they are as they came
Mostly bliss and cocaine
Just a match beggin’ for fire

Yeah and I am as I was
Sick with mercy and love
Well I’m sorry enough
I was hardwired

So baby brace for good times
Oh, do what feels right
And send me the bill when you tire
Cause I am as I came
And I’ll still be the same
Well I’ve got nothing to blame
Oh I was hardwired

Oh cause I am I was
And I’ll stay here because
Yeah, you know the truth always was
We were hardwired

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"Hard Wired" as written by Alejandro Rose Garcia


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    My InterpretationI think there is something about approaching thirty years old - maybe in general or maybe in the context of modern America or some other spatial/temporal artifice that is independent of any cultural or historical context - that lends insight to how truly oblivious I (we?) have always been and always will be with respect to the nature of reality and the extent that I am even able to interface with it. How much of what I am depends on the execution of code that was written upon the fusion of two haploid cells, and where in this program can I find a way to reconcile my wildly changing perspective with what feels like a continuous self-like thing? More broadly, what is consciousness and what the hell is going on around here, really?

    Research is showing that human brains continue to develop well past adolescence and that full maturity doesn't occur until about the mid-twenties (source: hrweb.mit.edu/worklife/youngadult/…). The nature of the continued development is more than just retaining capacity for plasticity but suggests (to me, at least) that perhaps we continue to fine tune neural connections in order that our consciousness will best serve our evolutionary goals during this time of maximal, soon-to-be-plateauing/declining reproductive capacity. That evolution has maintained this hardwiring makes perfect sense but really confounds how we understand ourselves as agents responding to our environments with at least some degree of free will. I think that, probably more than most of us would like to be, we are all just kind of doing "what feels right," whatever that means.
    kirs10on January 21, 2016   Link

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