The doctor says I’m dying
I die a little every day
He’s got no prescription
That could take my death away
The doctor says, It don’t look so good
It’s terminal

Some folks die in offices
One day at a time
They could live a hundred years
But their soul’s already died
Don’t let your spirit die before your body does
We’re terminal
We’re terminal

- Chorus -

We are the living souls
With terminal hearts, terminal parts
Flickering like candles
Fatally flawed, Fatally flawed

The moment I start cursing
At the traffic or the phone
I remind myself that we have all got
Cancer in our bones
Don’t yell at the dead
Show a little respect
It’s terminal

“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
For our days here are like grass
We flourish like a flower of the field
The wind blows and it is gone
And its place remembers it no more
Naked we came from our mother’s womb
And naked we will depart
For we bring nothing into the world
And we cant take nothing away”

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    General CommentWe all die, obviously. Although we need the air we breathe to live, it is also a poison that is slowly killing us 'I die a little every day'. This is why there is such a thing as oxygen poisoning. People who die of old age usually die of oxygen poisoning. I think the air is poison so that there is no chance of us living forever. Everything has to end. We will all end up wherever people end up when they die 'don't yell at the dead show a little respect' we will all end up dead so maybe we should be respectful because we might end up seeing them when we die. It's not just our lives that are terminal, it's everything. The world will end one day. It could be tomorrow. Or not. Either way, if we all lived forever and we knew we lived forever there would be no meaning to life or anything we do. We would take our lives and everything in them for granted. But we already do that. (Some of us do anyway) that is why some of us cannot see a meaning to life 'don't let your spirit die before your body does'.
    Maybe I'm wrong but I had to write something. My uncle just died and thought maybe if I thought about death it might help in some weird way. Anyway I can't sleep.
    jonjonwinnyon March 13, 2017   Link

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