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Part one: Twilight

There once was a girl, and her name was ashes.
Never introduced to such a being as love,
She found solace and wonder in the stars up above.
There once was a girl, and her name was ashes.

She lies alone, sleepless nights.
Cold sheets, cold sweat, no company.
World uninterrupted.

She didn’t know what was to come,
No fear, no need, just innocence,
When He came.

His breath was smooth, a liquor-sweet,
Sandpaper touch, their eyes would meet,
Suggestive stare.

Weak knees saw strong arms do their work,
He lay her down on softest grass,

Hands of stone tear finest silk, her cries for help unheard,
A muffled moan through crushing palm, she sinks into the earth.

He cuts her deep, and deeper still, he won’t let her scar,
Without a scream, her lifeless eyes look into the stars.

Kerosene candle, human form it takes,
There is no escape, there is no escape.

Part 2: Midnight

Guilty fingers trickle sand,
Shared thoughts like waves come rolling in,
Lapping at his heels, cleansing… forgiven.

But something sticks in the back of his mind,
He knows,
He knows,
He will never again be clean.

This doesn’t wash away.
He’ll run.

And he’ll think to himself:
This hollow is me…
All I cannot see…
And I just can’t believe…
Like shadows of grace, as grace falls from me.

Grace falls.
Grace falls.
Grace falls… from me.

Part 3: First Light

The sun is rising

So many, she’s just one other
So why does she stick in his mind so?

And the sun is rising

There is nothing he can do
Solace in her Ashes
Desire, like fire, licks through his veins
Solace in her Ashes
No reasons, no remorse
Solace in her Ashes
She will be no more
Solace in her Ashes

He knows he’ll do it again
The tide is coming back in

The warmth of his skin
As he drops to his knees
The warmth of her lips
Engraved on his memory
The warmth of a heartbeat
Now frozen in time
The warmth of forgiveness
Forever out of reach
The warmth of her life
He had stolen and taken
The warmth of his tears
He had stolen and taken
The warmth of his tears
Turns to anger at last.

He walks alone, sleepless nights
No fear no need, his confidence
His world, corrupted
He had to find another face
Another nameless face
Another victim in who’s eyes, he can fall,
Fall from grace

Once was a girl
Once was a girl
Her name was

Her essence desire
Her body aflame

Her essence desire,
Her body aflame,
Her destiny emblazoned
in the letters of her name...


There once was a girl her name was


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