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[Verse 1]
I used to think that the whole town was against us
Punching through hedges and jumping over fences
A couple of cops on our tails sweating and getting breathless
Yelling out threats to us – “You little fuckers, we’ll get yas!”
Man, just for skating some ledges
And plus we used to rack a bunch of stuff in ‘98
Jackets with a hundred pockets full of chocolates
Looking like a human piñata stumbled out of the IGA
Grew up by the beach face-planting on skate ramps
And laughing at tourists using spray cans of fake tans as if they hate sand
Just a bunch of vague little vagrants in a cultural wasteland
With a boner tucked in my waistband
And those cops are still chasing us
Eight of us laughing while they fell further behind
Kinda dangerous when you got a schoolbag of paraphernalia
And a good behaviour bond
So motherfucker, the chase is on

I’m sorry but it’s not my fault
There’s something inside me that I can’t let go
No I just can’t let go
(But you don’t know, don’t know)
And I just wanna run

[Verse 2]
Yo, last night I found a job site
That had enough ply to make a half-pipe
So while the tradesmen were starting barfights and smashing glass pints
We were climbing barbed-wire fences under floodlights (Ssshhh!)
Hey man, I wonder if that dog bites?
I bet your brand new pants that it just might
Yo, fuck the ramp let’s steal another slab of Hahn Ice
So I’ll go around the back while you distract the bottle shop guy
Warm weather meant sweet waves and beach babes
In winter everything changed so we became creative teenagers
Pouring bong water through a tea strainer
Seemed a waste to roll the week’s wages into three papers
And we seemed baked even without the weed vapours
Like the breeze changed we were blazing and just freeze framed us
Street skaters, clichéd dreams of maybe being famous
Knees grazed ‘cause all these streets are paved with fucking cheese graters
It’s been so long since the police chased us
Feel like going out and doing something that seems dangerous
I miss doing the wrong thing and giving false names
When the cops came and drew bats like Bob Kane, run


I’m still there in the back of my head
Little kid telling you to shut up
I’m still there in the back of my head
Hear the *whoop whoop* gotta run on

[Verse 3]
I used to think that the whole town was against us
On second thoughts maybe we were just against the town
An environment that was pretty good for a childhood
And retirement, providing outside it you get the fuck out
There’s a bunch of Frankensteins up on the Frankston line
Dead folks scratching their neck bolts
It’s not their fault ‘cause they were just never given chances
Zombies in button-up FILA pants doing the thriller dance
It’s been a long time since Frankston was on a postcard
Most of the kids I know from the Peninsula stayed
But if you don’t have a trade then everything is just so hard
Your last words are “Rosebud” like Citizen Kane (Nice reference!)
Man, it all feels like it was yesterday
I miss doing dumb shit and trying to get away
So when you see me running from the cops and getting tased
I ain’t crying, I’m smiling through a face full of pepper spray, run

[Hook & Bridge]

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