(Verse 1: The Game)
She say she like a little bit of Drizzy, a little Weezy
A little Jeezy, a little T-Peezy
But that ain't me see, my phantom ride easy
Peanut butter inside, and she's my Reeses pieces
She gotta be mine, I don't do leases
I wear that baby phat out, like one of Russell's nieces
And I'm talking about the oldest one
And if I had to choose between them, she the coldest one
One Gucci, one Louie, one christian laby
Baby, maybe I should, I should draw the line but she gon' trace me
Walk in Jimmy Choo's and she dance like Stacey
Fuck the window shop she wanna try that thing on
I was like (yup!) but I ain't Trey Songz, I write Dre songs
And I bang Drake songs, I run this town
What the fuck is they on?

(Hook: T-Pain)
I don't trust her
I shouldn't be within a thousand feet of her
But I love her
And if somebody else touch her, I go hard
Keep it sharp like the crease in my Khaki suit
She like my khaki suit she like my khaki suit yeah yeah

(Verse 2: The Game)
She says she's in the fashion
So I told her to a imagine
Gucci, Louie, Mark Jacob bags and
She on the catwalk, Tyra Banks she passed them
Love True Religions but can't fit the ass in
A size two, so what we gon' do is take it the Beyoncé's stylist
And she be wylin
Sayin that my rap be violent
I know how to keep that silent
Take her far, far from the hood, where ain't no sirens
Unless she listenin' to Howard Stern on Sirius
No, I mean Sirius, cause she's so serious
And I kills the cat, when the cat get curious
And you can take me as that, biohazarding
You should have your hazmat
If I took your girl, you can have your cat back
This the 106 new joint, and she just a flash back


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