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You sang in the swell
Coruscating with such
Ordinary colors of the coast
The champaign fielding neighborhoods
Where you've come to know contentment
In cataracts and torrents
Coalescing summer songs with
New partners for slumber

In spite of this I am beside myself
And despite this you are the same without me

You belong further in
Winter body
I was meant to keep you warm
Please come home
But I am anchored
Because I can not contain you

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    General Commentokay so, pretty much Foxing is writing about something sad as usual and when i broke down the lyrics it broke down my heart like no joke this song's fucking sad

    so like. the first line "you sang in the swell" was the main one that confused me but i looked at a few definitions of 'swell' and one made the most sense to me: to affect with a powerful or expansive emotion. so like, lemme break down the first part of this. "you sang in the swell, coruscating with such ordinary colors of the coast" her singing (which he isnt actually talking about real songing, he's talking about her as a whole. her ways of talking, acting, loving, etc.) is basically beautiful, it's emotional but it's ordinary, it's not like the coast at sunset or sunrise, but the ordinary regular coast colors. maybe it was a sunset before he got hurt? who knows

    the next part: "the champage fielding neighborhoods where you've come to know contentment, in cataracts and torrents coalescing summer songs with new partners for slumber" champagne is made by shit ya grow, so there's fields that grow that shit ya make champagne with, explaining the fielding thing. but basically he's saying shes finding contentment and comfort with the champagne because she's drinking a lot. coalesce means to come together, as a wholez so he's pretty much saying she's getting drunk, coming together with "summer songs" referencing like, summer flings, and sleeping with them. hence the "new partners for slumber". he's being PG, but he really just means she's hookin up with these summer dudes

    "in spite of this i am beside myself, and despite this you are the same without me", this part is pretty easy. despite her drinking and fuckin' around, he's still sad about losing her. and despite him being sad, she's just the same-doing just fine, so while he's heartbroken and "beside himself", she's just herself

    the next verse is also kinda like the first, you gotta think a little bit. so, "you belong further in winter body. i was made to keep you warm, please come home". so the first verse spoke about summer time and how she's behaving, now he brings up winter. "you belong further in winter body" he doesnt believe she's really that girl she is acting like during the summer, she's actually supposed to be this girl who relies on him to keep her warm, a girl who needs him pretty much because he wants her back right? like he wants her to need him and to come home. he needs her to be tired of this summertime partyin' she's doing and to come back to him. then the very last part, "but i am anchored because I can't contain you" AWWWWWW poor fellow. a simple line to end the song with followed by "please come home", "please come home, but i am anchored because i cant contain you". he's stuck in this heartache he feels, he says the word 'but' though ??? so. "BUT i am anchored...". he said to come home BUT, but because even if she comes home he is still stuck in this awful pit of heartbreak because, regardless of where she is she is now a summertime free-for-all gal who doesn't need him anymore.

    so basically I dissected this song after listening to it, a few hours after my heart was broken so i am now Sad. when you break it down, as a woman who hates feeling needy, i almost am happy for the woman because she's doing what she feels she needs to do without needing a person. but as a heartbreak-ee, i feel for the dude. i am sorry man, but it happens !!!!! but seriously, it's a fantastic song that they wrote beautifully, because if you HAVE to look up words and figure out exactly what they're trying to say, then BAM it's poetry. Foxing never disappoints me, very talented and very sad people. i should stop ranting now because my long explanation for the song is way past done but damn i'm having such a fun time talking about this song.

    personally, for obvious reasons (because i am me???) i very much believe my meaning to this song was pretty spot on, but if anyone has any ideas on things that may be different please PLEASE comment them because i'd love to know what you think. when i made this there were no comments so i need one of you Foxing fans who may or may not disagree with me to speak up because this is fun as hell and i love to know the meanings and opinions behind songs.

    its 5am, I haven't slept, and i ended up making this seem like a script a famous youtuber would read from so bye hope you enjoyed my idea on Quietus and maybe learned a thing or 2 !!!!!!!
    hayliedianneon March 09, 2016   Link

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