The second you offered me a ride
I couldn't get the thought out of my mind
Promises open when they're pried
Up with a vapor of a week of sighs

The cards say
"a change is coming near ,
and as a nestling on the bough
the fool is the martyr of the now"
Izzit true what they tell me? x4

Inviting you in a second time
How your possessions were lighter than mine
And how we talked all through the night
As if I'd have known you all of my life

Touching your finger to my eye
How you prove the card was right
That said you'd be all I have in sight
Izzit true what they tell me? x4

Ay, is the lesson cast asunder
O and you can't even know
What kind of lack that you're leaving
Ay, rang a rented bell of sorrow
O in the lake and the forest, go to hell I adore you
Ay, ever-righteous call of thunder
Oh I don't know what to call it
but I know that you feel it
Ay, ever-wretched call of thunder
With no regrets

Now I receive you on the day
I hide and seek you on the hour
*In time*
In odysseys of no and yes
Even now, as a witness
and even now

Am I a finch, am I the cage?
O either way I couldn't care
If you could see inside my head
Where every clock is stopped by you
Like in some silent threat
Like I'm the one that should be careful
Though it never could have happened without you
No it never could have happened without you

Budding interrupted
In glory of their matching
Winding up the rope
Together and alone
Tell me a story
Leaving out the ending
I don't want to know
Whose heart was made to roam

Izzit true what they tell me? x4

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