"Renegades" as written by Alexander Junior Grant, Noah G. Feldshuh, Casey Wakeley Harris, Samuel Nelson Harris and Adam Levin....
Run away with me
Lost souls and reverie
Running wild and running free
Two kids, you and me

And I say
Hey, hey hey hey
Living like we're renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we're renegades
Renegades, renegades

Long live the pioneers
Rebels and mutineers
Go forth and have no fear
Come close the end is near

And I say hey, hey hey hey
Living like we're renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we're renegades
Renegades, renegades

All hail the underdogs
All hail the new kids
All hail the outlaws
Spielberg's and Kubrick's

It's our time to make a move
It's our time to make amends
It's our time to break the rules
Let's begin

And I say hey, hey hey hey
Living like we're renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Leaving like we're renegades
Renegades, renegades

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"Renegades" as written by Alexander Junior Grant Adam Levin

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    My InterpretationTo me, this song is about not being afraid to think outside of the box. The key line is "Spielbergs and Kubricks", creative visionaries. With them being included alongside the various terms "renegades" and "outlaws" it appears the song's message is that it's ok to break the mold and be creative; it's something deserving of our respect and admiration.
    arrowhead23on August 14, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningThe song starts with a command. The speaker is recruiting a fellow person who is like themselves--who doesn't fit the mold of society, likely--to reject their inhibitions and be strong together. "Reverie" is actually "in revelry," which means to become intoxicated. This could be literal. However, I like to think that because these are deep lyrics, it means that their souls are happy because they are doing what they've wanted. The speaker wants to be himself, thus the comparison to children. This is not to be confused with individualism or rebellion.

    A renegade is someone who has broken the mold from society and groups. This song is basically an anti-fascist or anti-socialist anthem. We are expected to have certain personalities or tastes or we are judged. The speaker does want to be an individual, but instead of supporting individualism, they appear to be supporting everyone being their own individual--together. This is why the song is a plural.

    The speaker then gives examples and builds up the people who want to be themselves. It's obvious that the most successful people in the world are underdogs that have done the right thing and then become true to themselves, and end up making a change. The "new kids" is anyone who has taken to this new perspective and goes the extra mile quickly. Outlaws aren't to be confused with doing things just because you can, but a renegade (or fugitive) who has risen up against the adversaries. I don't like the use of outlaw because the song seems to be less about revolution and more about breaking out.

    After giving real examples to support his facts, the speaker is telling us that it is time for us to do what he has promised to do. It is time to fix the mold society has put us into by leading through example. It's time to break the rules--but not the ones you're thinking.

    This song is beautiful because it develops an essential point in today's world without making it seem like rebellion by inserting violence, intoxication, or perverse love like many other songs. It also has awesome acoustics. :) Is that a drum making that wind/thunder noise?
    Italia8989on November 12, 2015   Link
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    General CommentWhen you watch the official video you see that they a video you see that they are singing about people with disabilities youtube.com/…
    kristina13on June 16, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI see it as a man telling a girl to come with him, to be free like a renegade.
    MalloryHemlockon August 11, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI thought it was "lend an ear" not "the end is near"
    LilacDudeon April 26, 2016   Link
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    General CommentIf you listen to the way they sing the song, I think they are actually saying "we're in a cage" and the song is actually about hipsters trying to be unique and interesting, but they're actually "in a cage".
    nathan1010on November 02, 2015   Link

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