you and i could be out riding bikes
or record shopping down at generation
we could be on my roof snuggling
under a blanket watching the setting sun
maybe we could watch kung fu movies
while we’re eating chinese take-out for two
so why are we sitting here arguing
when there’s a million other things we could do?
let’s not fight
come on love, don’t be so cold
there’s so much fun to have before we get old
to waste a single day ain’t right
so come on baby let’s not fight
why are we shoutin? we could be making out
inside a fort that we made out of my sheets
we’re alone yeah my roommates aren’t home
we could be doing anything that we please
while they’re out we could be finding out
if two adults fit in my very small tub
or rifling through old tapes and cd’s
and singing clash songs at the top of our lungs
let’s not fight
life’s so short there’s so much to do
i wanna do it all with you
to waste a precious day ain’t right
so come on let’s not fight
we could be out at a rock show or an art gallery
i could be kicking your ass in a game of gin rummy
we could grab a bite up on 2nd and 9th
or walk across the brooklyn bridge at night
and if today was our last day on earth
would we want to spend it feeling angry and hurt
or would we forget about it, would we take it all back
and make the most of every minute that we had?
so bring me flowers, i’ll write you a song
we’ll kiss and make up and admit we were wrong
you hold my heart in the palm of your hand
so let’s not ever fight again

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