Verse 1:
I'm not the devil but rebelled from the personal hell
Of parents trying to shove religion into a faithless shell
Hip Hop is where it started; musical resolution
My stepfather thought of this music as pollution
Had him preaching, as of it wasn't enough
That I was bullied every day and my teacher was like "Tough!"
"Just forgive 'em; you're up in a Christian school afterall"
No confidence meant no pride and this no fall
No divine intervention despite my chronic crying
Wanted to climb high, jump and start flying
Down towards earth 'cos death could never hurt like this
But suicide is mortal sin so I gave it a miss
Fuck it! Nobody but me can change shit
So fuck y'all! I picked up the pen and got busy with it
Listen to a self-made man spilling his guts
Dominating the mic like Ron Jeremy the sluts
It's all about the power, the energy in the centre of me
Everything experienced making me who I'm meant to be
The pleasure, the pain, the respect, the disdain
The love, the hate, the apathy fuelling the blood in my veins

Verse 2:
And it ain't always cathartic; music is the language of the damned
But I'll be damned if music ever cease to be the master plan
Although I'm never at peace when a piece meet its conclusion
The war rage on; I'll never be granted absolution
I'm a slave to my emotions; goddamn this poet in me
Proclivity to express and all this fucking sensitivity
Everything set me off and half the time it's so painful
I just wanna take the pen to my brain but how wasteful
I just wanna not care at all and dance in the rain
But that ain't the way I'm wired; every right to complain
But I figure since I'm being totally honest
I love all this shit too and this song is called "Dominance"
So, I embrace the pain, I take it in and I channel it
To a flame that ignites the mic whenever I grapple it
When the topics present I charge and tackle 'em
And whatever beats are presented; I fucking straddle 'em!

Verse 3:
Get to huffing and puffing; I'm walking outta the door
So y'all can blow me; this house ain't falling 'cos of you whores
Step to the DSP; see him racking up tolls
Putting the pricks in their places like voodoo dolls
And I ain't speaking of battling; it ain't my thing
I'm speaking of veracity shining like diamond rings
I'm speaking of tenacity; levels ya never saw
My dominat oath: the DSP will never shut his jaw
And he will never lie to all y'all, never don a facade
Never choose the booze to glorify in his art
Never come at ya soft when there's an option for hard
And never speak of any shit that isn't lose to his heart
Never drown The Radical Sound with metaphors
I'll risk boring the listener; straightforward, the stock and store
But they're integral to Hip Hop? Again I'll be honest
Fuck Hip Hop! It ain't the wit, it's the Dominance!

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