Rain, hale or shine I'ma shine
With light as bright and with the bite of the fires on Guy Fawkes Night
I be the graphic novellist biter with five cigarette lighters
For five pyres to expire you fiction writers
Five fingers on a mic, hold it up for that killer
Raw Hip Hop shit with no filler
Deliverer of blazing trails like Ghost Rider
Collecting roadkill like a redneck truck driver
I'm feeling like a sole survivor
In a landslide of whack-as-shit like Stuart Diver
And now it's my turn to ignite the primer
Fist up in the air like a riot inciter
Like Zack de la Rocha see me Mic Check-Ing
A War Within A Breath, take notice of Mike wrecking
The Avenger
Captain-ing a Hulk-ing vessel
Black sails, rap's Nine Inch Nails out in the front like Vettel

Verse 2:
The Circle-A inverted projects like the bat symbol
See people surround the scene of the haters crippled
And see a shadow out the corner of eyes
Flying high like a king whose crimes are never realised
DSP: biggest thing up in B-Town
Flatten the crowd, Radical Sound
Turn the bass up to levitate the underground
Levels to level the Empire with the Rebels proud
It's like that
Contradictory name, no, I ain't an Imperial
Just use anger and hatred to fuel the material
That invades personal space, never celestial
Like ET The Extraterrestrial, no, it's up in your face
Overriding your monotonous Mormon talk
See me writing rhymes around your corpse in chalk
And spit it on beats made for when elevator cables snap
It's a Radical Sound I call Doom Bap
Bap ba bap ba biff bam, The Avenger!

Verse 3:
About-face when I scour the place
Hear the sirens under the bass, vigilante nutcase
The Bad News Bear leaving a bad taste
In ya jaw so raw forward the charge to Mordor
Like Alan Moore my sole goal is vengeance
See me swagger with daggers up in the trenches
And deliver lyrics of From Hell to your whores with hatred
And the promise of grapes so I can tape in Hell's atrium
Broadcast it as my theme like We're In This Together
By Reznor is the song on The Avengers
Ha! But mine is more like My Violent Heart
That Wretched rapper with his violent art
Examine his rhetoric on ya premises, the venomous sentiments
And permissible evidence for a domestic terrorist
The Lakeview Terrace prejudiced resident
Writing his rhymes with the blood of his last tenant

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