Radical Sound!
Dark Side Poet and Optamizm (Makeshift Productions!)
Real 2 Reel
Bendigo Hip Hop Kollective (B-City!)
Yo, it's the end of the world (Straight up)
So Walk With Me
Take my hand and enjoy the view
Come on (hey yo!)

Verse 1:
Walk With Me
As I revel in the levelled ruins
In the days of black haze and nuances
And truants in their truest guise with their devious lies
Said without face from office in the skies
Dance With Me
Under an acid rain shower
Along the pavement laying on dead flowers
And Lay With Me
On a bed of rusty nails
Light the lamp with bloody fingers to see my face pale
Awake to pace failing, paranoid people tailing
Hope setting sail into the winds of the maelstrom
The end of days, a literal translation
And rolling in a hearse? Transportation!
A formation of a new civilisation
The lemmings and the leaders alike; mental patients
Conversations with the dead on daily basis
Station full of static and my sanity in stasis
But I spit because I'm just insane enough
To push through the pain and play through the bluff
To have 'em have a go at me at Armageddon
To actually understand the message that I'm sending
Shoot the messenger; I'll retaliate
Cemented six feet deep within my fate
To dictate the state with the title of fascist
A Slave To Emotion I'm Free To Vent Passion
March With Me
Through the noxious gases
Through leper colonies and your safe haven in ashes
Rehash old times with tears of blood
Reminisce on that past life, hindsight cuts like a knife
Fall With Me
'Cos our wings no longer work
And we crash to Earth because we lost our self-worth
And Crawl With Me back to the nest
To Die With Me because it's all we have left

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil (nah)
'Cos blood is blood, and flesh is flesh
And we're all the same, so lay us to rest
It's the end of equanimity so Walk With Me
As our peace of mind declines
It's the end of equanimity so Walk With Me
Walk With Me
Walk With Me


Verse 2:
Walk With Me
Through what was once home
What once was is gone, now hear the megaphone
Broadcast a message a sorrow, bring on the dirge
Resonating through that hollow shell: Planet Earth
Hear the winds of change whistle blowing that tumbleweed
Like a cruise missile targeting your children in the street
And hear the fear so clear I can't believe it's real
'Cos people don't voice despite choice so now I feel
Like yelling "Run With Me into the path of the bullet!"
We found freedom with the trigger and here, I'll help ya pull it
'Cos what are we without community? We're just pariahs
But we're one with the hive mind saving us from the outsiders
Keep us and feed us from the palm of your hand
And keep the shock collar close for those who learn to stand
And Walk With Me
So I'm happy and content
And Die With Me because it's all we have left

Hook (X2)

Walk With Me

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