let's talk about the rightness of western society
on my bones the raw skin of the earth
not communicated very well
exhausted my energy
give the straight and the square
expanding on something real or not that real
but self-centered pride
endless skeletons from the closet
a heavily theorized thing
using the difference
to live and tiol, and die like men
refocused and rushing into
the unimagined
the way it should have sounded in the first place
a remedy for everything
tried to figure this out
to make this purpose mine
a cultural oblivion
scar-sly make it off the ground
severely disrupted
inscribed and marked
before birth
not really a place
but a state of mind
the solemn, the arrogant and wild
salvaged from the rubble
of your life
death row nature is calling
wanting to thank you
finding it difficult
the future was nothing
it was nothing to worry about
it was awfully close
thinning the population
it shoots of like sparks
the conscience stuff would stick in my mind
i need something more
what it means is going to great lengths
thinking we might have gotten
close to something
like no phenomenon
i've ever witnessed
not one mediocre bone
among them

all in the eternal pocket
makes an attack
it rakes the soul
draw it to close
a "cumberland gap"
fire in the mountain
a "hard, ain't it hard"
the attentiveness and focus
we all lacked
heroic speaches filled the room
what it's worth
felt deliberating
that was ok too
actions and virtues of old
world worries
and farmhand made possessions
what it's like
remedy to the cure
and sickness to the illness it brought
of the mannerisms
and the direction, and the essence
the never ending dance
liberation of the human race
what it means
we're eating
we're stuffing ourselves
what it knows
i won't contradict it
it's all true
its subtle ramifications
what it knows
what it's like and what it's for
unsettling and confronting
what it is
all over the place
in range and subject matter
couldn't be compared to anything
a fearsome apparition
nerves quivering like piano wires
weird personal resonances
old style lines and free associations
big-ass truths
wrapped in the self-evident
the research got transfixed
it still rings
describing a parallel
reinforcing the hierarchy
evenly anticipated
what it was
trying to fight it off
we knowingly meet
and commit to arguments
we are doomed to lose
underscoring observations
convenient social patterning
the betrayal of embracing and becoming the establishment
it's a one way road
the momentum had to be maintained
special justifications
all it was
always being very conscious
of what other people say and think
what it is
establishing close relationships
and later apologizing for it
what it was
fractionally slower
wanting to live as cold and miserable as possible
what it had
not really sinking to the occasion
instinctively just acting out
not having a plan
antagonistic performance
to serve the purpose

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