"What You Keep Alive" as written by and Randy Armstrong Anthony Armstrong....
You should be afraid of me
Pain is the promise I will keep
I am the whisper in the dark
I am the scream when you fall

And you will feel the pain, you’ll see
And I will bring the pain you need

You keep me alive (so I can hurt you)
You need me inside (I’m what you keep alive)

You picked me up, you watched me shine, like a razor in your hand
And when I cut beneath your skin, you want it all again
I am the call in the night
I am the truth behind your lie

And now you’ll feel the pain, you’ll see

You keep me alive (so I can hurt you)
You need me inside (I’m what you keep alive)
Turning, the knife is turning now

I can’t pay this ransom (my love, my enemy)
Does any hope remain (I’m swimming in your veins)
My love, my enemy (now you can’t escape)
I can feel you in my veins (the pain is on its way)
And now it’s too late (now I’m letting go)
You should’ve run away (I’ll watch you suffocate)
Now you can’t escape
I am the dark and I am awake


Waking, the nightmare bleeds, over
I’ll fight you, your darkness, feeding

I keep you alive (so I can hurt you)
I lift the knife (I’m what you keep alive)
Now you can’t escape (suffocate, suffocate)
You will feel the pain (suffocate, suffocate)

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    General Commenty'all suck this is an amazing song
    JoshGomez17on April 25, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationIts a fight between you and satan. If it wasnt for you he wouldnt be feeding off of your sin and pain.
    Evanecence2001on May 15, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationI can see where you are coming from @Evanecence2001 but I interpret it differently. This song could be about your inner struggles, be that an addiction, anger, depression, mental illness etc.

    That voice in your head that always casts doubt over your thoughts, dampens a bright day.

    This is the struggle so many of us face on a daily basis (from teens to adults). It is kept alive because we do not manage it right, or we are not strong enough. We can keep it at bay, but it lingers always deep within us.
    sokornyon May 15, 2017   Link

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