"Dad's Letter" as written by Michael Stevenson and Jess Jackson....
Smoke dawg baby, remember that shit.

Young light skinned, born leaked every pen
Since I was 10 prolly name all the trouble I did.
Neva participated I'm like fuck all them other kids
Like I don't owe you child shit when I make it big
But a little respect, fuck what yall really expect
Never raised a gentlemen like Ne-Yo said.
Lookin for hero heads, but I don't see none yet.
All my friends weenin cigarette so I take a hit,
[cough cough]
That's some potent shit.
Ol' nigga police man, I ain't scared a shit,
But hell yeah I ran.
Lost my money clip ever since wrap rubber bands.
Biggity bam did a couple of scams made a couple of grands.
Fast forward to the 4th escort I ball with it
So quick 14 no license, that's some awful shit
Now must stack ketchup like condiments
Kinda jss wish you taught me how to be a man. cuhs

Growin up all I wanted was a father figure
Me and mom alone every dinner.
One day I hope you hear this I pray you doin' better.
This what it sound like if I sent my dad letters.
If I sent my dad letters.
This what it sound like if I sent my dad letters.
One day I hope you hear this I pray you doin' better.
This what it sound like if I sent my dad a letter.

Word is, tenth grade kick out the crib
Like where I go from here, lucky I had a girlfriend.
Remember money make the world spin
Runnin' around the big body Benz wonderin' who in this that's pedestrian
Spoiled kid, never that.
Worked to hard to get where I'm at.
Thinking fuck school, but next semester Ill be back
I hated rules, but ruling the world I often dream of that.
Dream of meetin' you dad.
Moms really getting mad when I call you that.
I don't understand
Your phone numbers all I ask.
She laughs with her jaw dropped like the movie mask.
Damn so I then reply resort to raising my own little man.
But I'm too young for that, wait I take that back
I shoulda used the hat. my girl gettin' fat.
Whatever results make sure that, I'll be there like you wasn't dad.


Double 09 lately really its been on my mind.
The pain eatin' me alive one verse at a time.
And this heart problem ain't helpin' at all.
Its a cardiac diagnose, just wanna stay at home.
Dyin' slow so I bought a fast car, and a couple of charms.
Now family and old friends wanna be involved.
Some nigga tryna marry mom he like my songs.
I find it odd sometimes wanna fucking shoot his head off.
Am in the wrong, didn't think so movin' on.
I'm working on my new album if you singing songs.
But rap is what I does.
Turnin' twenty soon, then 21 then 22 like emmette was.
Everybody sleeepin' on me time to wake 'em upp.
Now everybody chasinn' us like they missed the bus
& girls wanna roll like a blunt
P.S. your only son.


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"Dad's Letter" as written by Michael Stevenson

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