Nicholson finds his way to the mouth of a cave. He doesn't hesitate to enter the cave because there's something oddly welcoming about it. He grabs the lantern out of his pack and lights the wick. The smell of the burning oil sparks memory after memory as the light gently flickers on the cave walls. As he journeys farther inward he realizes that there is no clear exit. There's nothing but darkness ahead. Again, though, he feels welcomed rather than afraid. He continues his journey.
He sees some fluttering out of the corner of his eye and sees something quite unbelievable. It looks like a butterfly, but it's somewhat luminescent. Its flight path is undirected and random, but Nicholson finds great contentment in this; the creature is
simply living.
He finds his way back to the path. As he continues he can hear the reverberation of his footsteps on the walls almost as if there's someone behind him. Nicholson speeds up with the feeling in his chest that someone could be following his steps. His face heats with the added adrenaline as the excitement guides his path.
He briefly hears a stream and walks towards the sounds. He stumbles a bit as he approaches. Finally, he raises his lantern to see fish swimming in the stream. The fish have the same luminescent quality of the butterfly. Nicholson's walk becomes more
intentional as he follows the stream. There's something up ahead.
As he rounds a corner his jaw drops in awe. His small lantern reflects on all of the ice formations in the cave. His tiny lantern is now casting light that dances on all of the walls of this huge cavern. He sees his reflection all and feels invigorated with a sense of partnership with the shadows. The towering stalagmites seem to sway and dance in the light as Nicholson passes by them.
His joy overtakes him and he lets out a yell that echoes throughout the cavern.
He continues to walk through the cavern until it comes to an end.
He follows the stream to find an exit to the cave as the insects sing around him. There are still luminescent creatures all around, dancing in the distance as Nicholson walks down the path. He hurries as the darkness deepens, but he's content with his progress and settles for the night.

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Walking By Lamplight song meanings
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