We don't know where he's going, but Nicholson has been riding the train all night. He has a destination; but maybe he doesn't even know when he'll arrive. It seems like it's been a lifetime of searching. Finally, the sun catches his eye and Nicholson wakes. Nicholson's ride takes him out of the city and through the countryside. The sun's up now and brings an energy that he hasn't felt in ages. The rays of warmth are beginning to burn his legs as the sun passes in and out of cloud-cover.
In the distance, a distraction. It looks almost unreal.
Finally, a tunnel. The tunnel is long and cooling; just enough time for Nicholson to stretch his legs after a long journey.
Exploring the train there are conversations all around as if the passengers are anticipating what's ahead. He sees the elderly lady awaken from her sleep as she peers out the window with the kind of quiet longing that begs for a conversation. Nicholson
briefly locks eyes with her and smiles. The kids are now pointing out the window and exclaiming together about the landscape. “What do you think is on the other side of that hill?” one boy asks. Nicholson finds joy in the innocence of the question. The young lovers are now playing a card game on the table in front of them and Nicholson sees the joy on their faces. The girl glances out the window and leans in to her mate to say “I can’t wait to get there.” and Nicholson wonders what “there” means for them. Did they just get married? Are they on a holiday? It’s a crazy to try and fill in the blanks of other lives.
There's a short burst of sunlight from above that captures the attention and reinvigorates the passengers, but the tunnel re-covers Nicholson and his fellow travelers.
Now, there's an obvious end to the tunnel coming and as he looks ahead, there is an almost blinding ray of light awaiting the train’s emergence from the tunnel. He joins in anticipation for the golden world laying beyond the confines of the shadow. He stands there struck with the thought that what's around the corner could change his life forever.
Upon exit, Nicholson is greeted by an array of colors in the sky that are as mesmerizing as the tones cast upon the earth. The world is dancing, joyously reverberating the sounds of their creation. Everything has its role: The grass is swaying in time, the mountains stand resolute while the sunlight dances on their surface, the trees reach towards the heavens, the rivers flow with an eagerness to continue their journey.
As the sun sets, it casts a fresh light; the world seems alive and celebrating the beauty of it's intertwined creation. It's almost like the trees, the mountains, the wispy clouds, the rocks, the dirt, all of it is rejoicing together. It's as if the very nature we view every day has a story to tell and is eagerly awaiting the time when we'll listen.
The celebration seemingly culminates with the sun giving its last light before falling beyond the horizon. Falling back into his cold seat, Nicholson organizes his things with a slight smirk on his face. He rides into the darkness as he quietly reflects on his
experience. What was this? He may never know; his stop is just ahead. After almost 10 years away, he's back home.

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Sunset on the Range song meanings
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