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see, i'm but one child from a broken home who's sole companion is a microphone
i roam the streets of Hell-A alone and the only beef i own
is past conflictions due to transcriptions left on stone
now let me tell you the occasion when i caught an abrasion with these six peculiar characters
see it always happens when you least prefer, a chance to hear true skill occurs
see i was sitting maintaining my own realm as god tends to do
when i was approached by three times two idiots who called themselves the crew
they were joking and provoking me not knowing that soon they would be choking
on their own words but with every decree they labeled me a whack MC without the proper inquiry
and when they finally surrounded me i felt nothing but negativity so i reacted the only way known to me, lyrically
i took them rhyme for rhyme even two at a time and even when i didn't rhyme
they displayed their own lack of ability and the utter futility of them battling me
so they were forced to break into their written routines and scripts and they still got ripped
and see now i was still coming from the mind, and they had committed the ultimate cypher crime
but had decided to chalk this one up as a win, that's when they decided to bring our mental matches to an end
and let the physical begin
the odds were their six to my one so i chose to run
while racing through my mind to find when the next bus would come
i boarded at the nearest location regardless of its destination; just required removal of my situation
i injected my monetary measure into the metallic treasure chest then progressed
to the back of the bus where i let my mind digress on how their dates with destiny would manifest
i exited at the ??? address, see i had called him before so when i gave three knocks on the door
he emerged with the artillery i needed for my one-man-war

i entered through the cellar with a rusty propeller-like object sharpened to perfection
i was standing behind my first victim he was in the washing section, holding his dockers getting an erection
my weapon made a connection at his neck severing his vocal cords before he could scream
his head fell to the floor feasting its eyes on a trendy excuse for a human being
i was halfway upstairs then ran back to rummage through his pockets and remove the cream
then i continued to maneuver upstairs to where i could handle the rest of his team
the next three were sitting watching TV so I moved into the hallway where they couldn't see me
i opened up my backpack to extract the accessories needed for my second phase of attack
i pulled up a black tube, injected a poison dart tainted with a chemical guaranteed to rip his circulatory system apart
i inhaled then exhaled, hit him in the vein leading directly to his heart
his home boys turned around to see their man grabbing his neck in a clutch
then i reached over the couch and gave them both the vulcan death touch
their last words weren't worth much because their lives flashed before their eyes in a blur
then they fell to the ground and died together like the two faggots they were
i turned around to hear the sound of water dripping
then i ran up a second flight of stairs where i was guaranteed to catch someone slipping
this nigga was sittin' in the bathtub so i entered and asked him
the rest of your homies are dead, would you like to join the club?
i knew he was gonna lie, so before he could reply i pushed his head down
it's funny when you die in your own bath water, no one can see you cry
i was almost at peace knowing that five of these fools were deceased
my final victim lie behind door number three
so i kicked it in and asked him what will it be, lethal injection or electricity?
see, you've been sentenced to the death penalty by me, murs
he didn't answer so i hit him with my most deadly verse
he began going into convulsions; i didn't know if it was because of the rhyme or because i was holding two mac-10's
so i put the guns down, slapped him around so he could calm down then gave him the rundown
you see, the mental scars and pain and the stress added to my brain
are the reasons you're about to live the rest of your short-ass life in agonizing pain
the expression on his face was plain even though he knew he was the next to be slain
because he could look into my eyes and see that i was completely sane
and any pleas for his life would be in complete vain
he gave me a final look but before he took his last breath
i pulled out a bag of rocks and i stoned him to death

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