Yo, everyone is crying
"Dis Raps has retired!"
Not this douchebag
Diamond's gone and woke a sleeping giant!
My target is aqquired
And im starting up a riot
bout to spit more shrapnal than Saving Private Ryan!
Never in my life have I heard something so cold
An asshole taking shots at a 7 year old
Now im hotter than the devil
And you're never gonna forgive me
You're facing EpicLloyd and im bringing hell with me
Diamond dont get bitter
And pick on a dude's sister
Because you got named after a discount stripper
Man that macho tough guy thing's been done, son
You're as macho as my man, Tim Gunn
Be ashamed of yourself
Ill make flames of yourself
Keep your names to yourself
Or get your brains bashed to hell
Say vegetable like anything but healthy snacks
They'll have to ask Diamonds teachers to hold me back
You have no idea what this girl's gotta do
What she gotta go through
Just to try and walk to school
You wanna stand there and make jokes?
This girl's tougher than you and only 7 years old
She got a Rett syndrome in her X chromosome
To complex a problem to explain on a microphone
So if you wanna talk Rett, let me give you a link
Read up ya dumb fuck then come tell me what you think
But you should try to pass classes a little faster, guy
You should NOT be able to drive yourself to junior high
You're 16, dumbass! Still in 8th grade?
At this rate you'll be 24 before you graduate!
So DiggyDiggyBros. if you dig this video
Put your fist in the air and pump it like Arsenio
Go home and bump it with your sis and say I say hello
And put Diamond in the ground like the heroin joke!

Lyrics submitted by Jirachibi

Dis Raps For Hire - Diamond song meanings
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