Dark days , the termina l stage. Minds plagued with cancerous rage.
The television blares out more bad news. Calculated blues.

Pink pills to take with your bills. Cocktails and chemical trails that lead to falling up to canceled skies. Closed remodeled eyes.

Climb into a car and make believe that everything around you has just found you in a state of utter disbelief. Collapse your synapses from the poison you found. Takes you on a trip so far away from the here and now.

Discourse of the digital age. Science save us from new technology. To force in a trivial cage any source of natural biology.
Know love and love will know you. There is no condition and qualifier to be whatever will be.
From love we get all that we are required.

Insane and lifes down the drain. No way out of this pain. No way to sit and disconnect the phone. Calling no ones home.

These days theres such a malaise crawling like rats in a maze to find there really was no pot of gold more then what you hold.

Save for the grist of the schism. We are the same organism.
Down to the gist of the gism. Were all an ist or an ism.

Through the portal back to Candyland where everything is made of cotton sugar apples floating satchel on the rand. Populated by elated gnomes, flying elves. Only to wake up to find that you are all by yourself.

What happened to our heaven on Earth? Replaced by convenience it tuned perverse. Led by this intentional curse. Microcosmic personal universe.
Its the inevitable dance between consciousness and a will to chance.
All our own expression is lost, paradoxically, anatomically.

Know love and love will know you. There is no condition and qualifier to be whatever will be from love we get all that we are required.

Dont forget Mestopholies debating meteocrities. Dont think for a second you are not repentant. All in all resentment met with or without bliss or bliss out early Faust's trident bent.

Lyrics submitted by XLoveEpiphanyX

Ist or an Ism song meanings
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