Last night I was out. I spoke awoke and fell in doubt.
Watched all my smoke go up in rings.
Two kings were felt and dealt the shadows on ceilings.

And even though I had to fall, i knew that I was just as surly as the pictures on the wall. A memory. In the back of corners black the men for hire, dire patrons, miss their cues in neon hues while poison news blares over head who’s dead.

I closed my eyes and took a ride away and then i was aboard a galleon ship adrift across a sea of blue and green and red and grey. A gentle sway. A broken mop that swept the day away through the cabin windows past the cobs and knobs.
An old map charted out the prophecy, the bane of our philosophy.
The greed and generosity. The fortune and colostomy.
The pagan profane there in the window, there in the flame, then it blew out.

Engraved on the arches. Suicidal notches.

Back again a broken feeling left by theft and chest relieving someone tripped and fell revealing treasure guarantees un‐easing.

Empty chairs with empty laughter. Hollowed eyes glossed over lashing out a gag agog a gander. Telling, yelling, slightly slender.

Screaming with the slight of hand the devils always got a new plan. A sedative, repetitive, imperative, derivative. A dereliction of the Lord above. Comatose and bellicose. In relation to critical review. Fortune, fountain, mountain, founding fortune. So well hidden forbidden. Norman Rockwell mocking your hell.

Twilight dimmed in distant corners as the sea descends on mourners of the late enigmatic, manic mechanic who died for panics sake on the make.

Tangled tricked abscond McKenzie ripped right outright tender frenzy. Built by fear and smeared reappeared. Materialized love lies.

Prefasory allegory, cardio inhibitory, writhing with an amphigory auditory in group hallucination nation. Where do we go from here? Find our way out of here.

What about the parroting of pirates? What about the parroting of pirates?
What about the parroting of pirates?

What about the paradoxical and paralogical discrimination a ration, irrational?
And when the clock that will strike on midnight on the first day of 2012 will ring out
to the crowd a sediment, impediment, abandonment, retirement, accelerant, recalcitrant to what extent in our decent?

Lyrics submitted by XLoveEpiphanyX

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