Velvet Eden Background Story

Why is it that I, cursed as I am, am liked only people long gone?
A turncoat I was! (Surely I'm disease itself, pestilence's god)
Having never felt love myself, I cannot approve of things like silly love songs
But still, in the evening among my dreams, though I may be abandoned alone,
There is one I'm destined to love, and so I think nothing of it, but even so...
When I wake up in the morning there's no one like that to be found... had I just imagined it all?
Wrong, all wrong. Surely, if it's one of those who left for far away..then I know who's in my dreams
As I began to doze off at night the dead rock star from the mirror finds voice to speak,
"If you tire of your tedious time in reality, you must don black lipstick, the other world's key.
You don't know now who your destined love to be,
but if you meet once again it should awaken your old memories.
Now, let us begin, on to your destiny�"
To my beloved charliatan fortune teller,
My promise with you is but a lost cause.
Some ten odd years before now.
In naivity was I spirited away from somewhere, I know not where,
taken by madame to that old mansion, to receive my training.
I was to be raised as Alice among the others, at the time numbering 8 young girls
But all I along I was a boy, who'd but been mistaken for such by her...
-That is the reason that, until the very end, I could not accept you as my lover
For I did not want you to know my secret and become disillusioned-
Tthe other Alices, they all knew, and would tease me, "A waste, a failure"
Only Madame took me under her wing, and in kindness allowed me to serve her
And when I did say, "I want to become Alice, and to be loved by you,"
She invested in me, the forbidden surgery was performed,
And with the spider tatoo on my chest was I given the body of a girl.
But then one day I was approached by the others Alices.
"We're going to assasinate Madam, for we hate her, and imagine you do too, so let's work together"
When I heard that I was of great fear, and went to confess to Madame
But in order to draw her love to only myself I told a lie and was misunderstood.
At that rate would she be killed.
I in that way Ibecame very confused, and didn't know what to do...

The night of the planned assassination, before Madame came home, I set fire to the castle.
Screaming with vehement force, the Alices were all burned to ashes in the flames.
Then, as I stood before the flaming cobweb castle with torch in hand
And, crying, thought, "Now I can never become Alice", she appeared before me.
Madame Tarantula's eyes were like frozen pools of ice as she glared at me.
But all I did was run from there as fast as I could.
And the rest is as you know....
But now the cobweb castle, which should have been reduced to ashes,
Has once more appeared the same as it was from long ago. And so I must once more go to her side.
If the misunderstanding is made clear, and I am released from her curse,
Then I shall once more return to this room and destroy this letter?
Or shall it be found and read by you? I cannot tell as of yet.
But if you are reading it, then I am probably no longer in this world.
When I am again reborn, I pray with all my heart to be a real girl
And that I may meet with you once more.
The streetwalker Alice was a troubled girl, sex crazed or obsessively clean,
Everything decided, by the number of the coins
!?....oh no, not again. Not this letter dream. These days it's all I see.

Lyrics submitted by OkumaSan

Alices Letter to Fortune Teller song meanings
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