I wanna be famous
I wanna wear minks, and satins, and pearls
I wanna be famous
More than just any old girl

I wanna have eyes as blue as the sea
I want all the people to look at me
I want my own show on TV
I wanna be That Girl

I wanna be famous
Eat out at Sardi's, have parties at Spy
I wanna be famous
Go to Paris on private flights

I wanna have lovers by the score
Movie producers knocking down my door
This is the fame that is in store for me

Oh, when I'm famous I will wear
A gray trench coat and fake red hair
So they all will know that it is me

When they see me, how they'll smile
Hand me photographs to sign
And I'll say, "Sorry, Babe"
("talk to my assistant")

I wanna be famous
Tabloids will print what I eat
I wanna be famous
Who I do will be news on the street

Then when I'm old, I'll have a ball
They'll be shocked that I'm living at all
When I enter the guests will fall
To their knees

And then I'll slit the throats of my enemies
Spend all my dough on wine and cheese
When I'm famous (famous)
Famous (famous)
Famous (so exhausting)

Oh, I will be a barbie doll
With huge fake tits no hips at all
And a heinous attitude in tow

Every morning I'll get high on
Colored pills, martinis, dry
A little weed and just a touch of blow

I wanna be famous
Better than all of my friends (so much better than all of her friends)
I wanna be famous
Lonely and alone at the end

I'll end up bitter and ugly and old
Not just my body but also my soul
But a legend is my goal and a legend I'll be

When I'm famous, not a wit I'll give
To the little people, all damn kids
When I'm famous (famous)
Famous (famous)

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