It's been awhile,
But somewhere in each day I recall that crooked smile,
Last few years to calculate
All the ways I could have changed your fate
My role; forever know the toll of stand by

One more song
One more visit to the cell where I belong
A hundred stories hanging on
Fifteen songs; their hanging from each line


I recall the last song
And I can't handle Brooklyn anymore
But always long for one more sunrise
Knowing you are safe at home, a picture life
Then the vision jerks away
Like the touch of death cursing my name
My cell, forever know the Devil in details

A wrinkled page, scribbled word
A melody gone will never be heard
This one's writing itself
God help, what god?
One song, my aeroplane
Forever over the sea


I can't write this sad so long,
And they won't share the first light anymore
But always long for one more song Tony
We'll always long for one more song
Always long for one more

Lyrics submitted by JoeyCape, edited by Punkfather666

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    Song MeaningSong is about Tony Sly from No Use For A Name. He passed away in his sleep from ingesting too many painkillers...(i read somewhere he suffered from blinding headaches) while him and Joey were on tour together doing their solo material. Guess Joey kinda beats himself for not being able to do anything to prevent it.

    I always regret never going up to Tony one night when me and my friends went and saw them and Nofx tour together.

    Story goes...if anyone's seen or heard of the movie Cakeboy that had NUFAN in it, directed by Joe Escalante of the Vandals and starring Warren Fitzgerald also from the vandals. in the movie Warren played their roadie and they were very mean to him, they would always knock drinks out of his hand and say "the game" so fast forward to where i saw them in concert, NUFAN was done playing, and Nofx was was jammed pack and i had just about enough of this ass who insisted on constantly bumping into me so i just walked to the front of the club to stand from a far away distance to still see the show and not be bothered and low and behold there stands Tony Sly near the bar drinking a gay as this sounds there were even moments where we caught each other's eye (me being star struck and him kinda catching me looking with the look on his face saying "i know you know me, kid...just come up and say Hi, im a nice dude") but thats not 100% what i was thinking...i was actually thinking how fucking hilarious it would have been to walk up to him and say "This one's for Warren!", slap the beer out of his hand and say "THE GAME!" obviously proceeding to buy his next drink if i didn't in fact get the ever living shit kicked out of me, by people around me or security. But i always wished i would have at least went up to him and said "Hi, great show, i love your music"
    goobertron84on May 29, 2017   Link

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