"Tunnels" as written by and Tom Delonge Ilan Rubin....
I am still, without devotion
Cause we're all asleep at the wheel
Asleep and so surrounded by
What we feel

A bad dream

On a rope and pulled through an ocean
With my heart, I'm lost out at sea
And every kind of thought screams misery

So lonely

Im a johnny come lately
But I will not give up
And the words they escape me
But I'm full of dumb luck
And the world is an oyster
With a poisonous shell
And the look in my eye
Is a look that can kill

And Dream a bit

I am not, without emotion
I have ran, from the pain of my will
From the mess of a hunt and a catch, and the thrill

And I'm ill

I am known, in the circles of envy
I'd thank God, but then what is he for
Cause I left a few hard calls at his front door

I'll leave more

Don't you go
Come a little bit closer now
If you like
When you die

Wake your soul
To a little light fire now
If you like
When you die

Speak to me
Cry a river and make believe
In the whites
Of your eyes

Clasp your hands
Do whatever your heart commands
You will find
When you die

Your are mine

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"Tunnels" as written by Tom Delonge Ilan Rubin

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    Song FactIt was the first song that we wrote, and i wrote the whole song up until the chorus, lyrically, about doubting religion. So, flash forward a year-and-a-half later and about two or three months ago, my dad passed away. The night that he passed away, I woke up from my sleep with an extraordinarily massive amount of energy, and I can only describe it as though someone injected me with a gallon of methamphetamine's and ecstasy with electricity. My heart is going 1000 miles per minute, and something is in the room and I can't figure out what this is. I reach for my phone, and there's nothing on my phone. Mind you, i just left my dad at hospice a couple of hours before that. I lay back down, and for 30 minutes I'm trying to fall back asleep, but i can't because i'm literally high. Then my phone buzzes and it's the hospice nurse and she said, "Please call me." I called her, and she said, "Your dad passed away 30 minutes ago." It was the most insane feeling ever. It was so supernatural that it literally changed my life, because it was so strong. Then i went back and i wrote the chorus for this song doubting the existence of God. It's a juxtaposition within the song itself. - tom
    millyblisson December 04, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about depression and suicide. In the first verses Tom Delonge is singing about being sad and disconnected from everyone. He also talks about how he is trying to come in contact with God, but he is not getting an answer. The climax of the song (where it starts "Dont you go, come a little bit closer now") is God speaking back, basically saying, he loves him and just wants his son to come home, if he would like..
    pcskeleon December 02, 2014   Link
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    Song Fact"I had a magical experience this year when I lost my father and I was woken up in the middle of the night feeling his presence. It literally changed my life. It was the first 'paranormal' experience I ever had. I wrote the song Tunnels about it, doubting religion ... And two years later when this happened with my father, I then wrote the chorus .... That something beautiful and epic is on the other side" - Tom Delonge (on Facebook)
    pcskeleon December 02, 2014   Link

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