The elephants have broken free
They're down at the saloon
They're trunks are filled with whiskey
As they snort a merry tune
They're sitting on the bar stools
They're having quite a fete
Even when they blackout
You know, they won't forget

They're roustering from the balcony
It suits them mighty fine
They use their long prehensile tongues
For opening the wine
They sing and dance and laugh all night
As you can plainly see
When they order drinks they say
The highballs are one me

A pride of lions are in the back
At cards and drinking gin
The kitty's full of wilderbeest
Some lucky cat will win
The Alpha male is in the jon
And he's tidying his mane
When he gets to partying
He'll never be the same

The hippos are inebriate
With lampshades on their heads
They'll grunt, they'll sing, they'll drive
Each tiger to their beds
Sometimes they never make it home
And they wake up on the floor
Hangover is why they make
That really nasty roar

The chimpanzees are swingers
And they're always looking fat
Chatting up the other apes
And pinching their behinds
They swing from chandeliers, you know
Just fast as they can be
You might guess, they like to drink
Banana daiquiri

The camels hang out at the bar
They're sipping heavy foam
Spitting on the sawdust floor
It makes them feel at home
They tip their glass till they can't walk
And barely even speak
Before they plug into their humps
To get them through the week

The animals are behind the bar
They're there most every night
They're drinking and carousing
'Till they get nice and tight
And when they drink a bit too much
I've heard that it's been said
The room starts spinning 'round
They see pink humans in their heads

The circus animals are fine
They're happy as can be
When left alone they tip one back
Tith the menagerie
Inside the beastly tavern
And they're having a good time
Drink two for Jack, the day time job
Before they drink too many times

One, two, three, four

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The Animals Are Behind Bars song meanings
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