Hey handsome man what you do last night?
Did you have a good time, was the music alright?
Did you wear that jacket with the deep blue jeans?
Bet the boys went crazy, bet you caused a scene

Cause everybody smiles when my handsome man walks by

Say handsome man, where you off to now?
Are you out in the garden or off to town?
Are there any new songs that you're listening to?
I'm gonna take you dancing when I come to see you

Cause everybody smiles when my handsome man walks by
He's got the wind in his hair and the stars all in his eyes
The more I try to tell you, oh, the more I get it wrong
So handsome man I'll tell you with a song

It's been hidden in the sand beneath the stones that once did spell our names
The song that's been stirring in the leaves and with the wind
will come and swell our flames
once again.. once again..

Oh handsome man can I ask you this?
I know we've both been loved and we've both been kissed
But when the hounds are sleeping and I'm 93
Will you tell me the story of you and me

And now everything changed when your handsome man walked by
With his head in the clouds and the stars caught in his eyes
When the world goes crazy you forget where you belong
And handsome man I'll tell you when there's nothing left to sell you
Handsome man I'll tell you with a song

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    My InterpretationThis is a comment I left on YouTube for someone who just didn't get the song or the official video connected to it:
    "HANDSOME MAN Response on YouTube

    Perhaps your problem is that you don't understand what Alber is trying to do with the song and the video. But first, the song is not “flat” nor, for most people, “annoying.” Alber is a conservatory-trained musician, a counter-tenor (an extremely dificult range to handle), and he does it well. On all his albums his professionalism and skill show through all the time—especially the sophistication of the orchestration. This song IS simple; what's wrong with simple? Complexity does not mean better.

    The real issue is what the song and video (they DO go together) are trying to say. The point is that there is a mismatch between what we hear and what we see—or is there? The lyrics are lush, gorgeous, very sweet and romantic—exactly the language you would expect to hear from, say, Romeo and Juliet: overdrawn, even excessive, because R&J are young teenagers involved in their first real love affair—you expect and want lush and excess. But what we see are 2 older men, Alber (the guy who stays in bed) and his lover. “We've both been loved, and we've both been kissed,” that is, they have both been around the block. They aren't so handsome, they aren't so young, and they know the world the way it really is, but they are so very much in love. Alber is not describing reality, he is telling us how much he loves his partner. If you knew Shakespeare, you could compare the language used in Romeo and Juliet between the lovers and that in Antony and Cleopatra: A&C are deeply in love too. But they are older, they know the world the way it is, yet still they use the gorgeous, lush, language more appropriate the naive teenage R&J.

    David, for those of us who have “...both been loved and ...been kissed” Alber reminds us that intense love and passion are still possible for us too. Perhaps when you get a little older, and hopefully, a little wiser, you will understand this, and you will not criticize us for wanting and having this same depth of passion, or at least recogizing and rejoicing in it when we see it in other, more lucky, men.
    xmanforever77on April 17, 2016   Link

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