No I don't drink, but let's all get faded

Call up the team

Hands in the air, give a fuck about a nigga
Give a fuck about a bitch too
The top is a lonely spot, friends in a phony slot
All that shit true
I ain't even got the energy
Stop pretendin' like you into me
You ain't even had a dose yet, shit
Don't matter, we ain't got the chemistry

Need a little time just to breath
Just to kinda get my life on the right track
I can give you my heart for the night, but
When it's over you gotta give it right back

Hell yes, like that
Sick and tired of fallin' in the right traps
It's a cold world out here, bitch
Imma keep my heart frozen 'till the ice crack


Feels like something's missing
I feel fucking distant
I don't trust no one, 'specially not these niggas
I don't (I don't) trust these niggas
They might (they might) catch me slippin'
I don't trust these niggas, or none of these bitches
Call up, I'm drinkin', I wanna get wasted
Call up, I'm
Call up, I'm
I know I don't smoke, but I wanna get faded...
Call up, I'm

Damn, seems like my head is in the wrong spot
Cells on overdrive fueled by the wrong thought
Any battle worth winning is the one fought
So my logic beat emotion by a long shot

These niggas, recycling the same lines
Bitches gettin' played hard, like overtime
Guard up, gotta hurdle to get over mine
Eyes closed 'cause I see you better with an open mind

Damn, that's alright, that's alright
I ain't know, I fell for it, I caught on, I got that, you came close

And I got some hidden feelings that I can't show
So I can either bury the hatchet or just keep diggin' the same hole


Swag me out, swag me out
Fuck the words while they are comin' out your mouth
Let them words (?) fuck you baby
Watch my middle finger push it out

Whispers to the side
Fiction is some lies but I really ain't surprised
Everybody knows there ain't shit I gotta hide
Why you tell me that you love me when you see me outta eye

Feels like, feels like
A million motherfuckers don't like me no more
Oh yeah, they hate me now
Feels like they really wanna break me down
These bitches ain't on my level
In result they hate themselves
You been everybody else but tell me: why the fuck you still ain't yourself?

Sometimes I just feel the need to thank myself
'Cause I'm real as fuck, hoe, even when I ain't myself

I wish I could say the same for you
But we all know that shit ain't true

That phony shit just make me laugh
Damn ya'll bitches must hate me bad
All ya'll niggas so fake it's sad
And my ex-boy gon make me spazz

Let go, let go, let go
'Till you don't feel that shit
Hangin' from your fingertips
Tingles down your spleen and shit
Friends are gon be separated
Feelings gon be freedom-stripped
That's the fuckin' life we live
Full of inconveniences


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