Righteousness is its own reward
Solitude is what I shoot for
What is behind me now?
It doesn't count

Butterflies and the hangers on
Come by my house, see the lights on
They wanna have their say
At my front gate

Well I don't know what to tell you man
It has really been too long
Whatever I had to give away
Whatever I had to give away
Is gone

A broken heart is a natural death
But to never love, that is tragic
And the far worse of the two
I can assure you

It's never hard to make a fast friend
Someone to dance till the song ends
The trick is gettin' loose
Once they got you

Well I don't know what to tell you kid
Though it really is too bad
All that I tried to push away
All that I tried to push away
Came back

All that crowded loneliness made for a long day
All that crowded loneliness gave me a long face
Everywhere I go I think I went the wrong way
All that crowded loneliness made for a long day

Lyrics submitted by Kashika, edited by martyRath

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    General CommentPeople prying in his life, like someone you just met giving you advice and telling you what's best for you.
    martyRathon January 10, 2016   Link
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    General CommentWell for starters, the lyrics which are written as "what is behind me now? It doesn't count," are actually "what good is behind me now, it doesn't count"
    N27fosteron April 28, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationIt seems that the narrator is engaging in dialogue. Although, not with any one specifically, more like the people who are asking or expecting things from him, for example, old friends and fans, identified by the narrator as "butterflies and the hanger ons," in which the butterflies would be old friends and the hanger ons old bright eyes fans.

    There's a strong presence of juxtaposition, the verses are his suggestions and reflections in which he suggests love and friendship are inversely important and tricky.

    And then the bridges consist of him just shoving the subjects off, a shoulder shrug of sorts. It's as if he wants to help, but knows he doesn't take his own advice.

    "Well I don't know what to tell you kid, though it really is too bad. Whatever I tried to push away came back." This stanza shows he may have wrestled with these aspirations and positive outlooks, but can't escape his natural predisposition to sorrow.

    Very subtle, yet very dense.
    N27fosteron April 28, 2016   Link

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