Jason: "Live long and prosper," if you're one of us.
Voltaire: "May the Force be with you," unless that phrase don't fit you.
Jason: Forever we have been at odds.
Voltaire: 'Cause you're a drooling Trekkie.
Jason: Says the Lucas lackey.
Voltaire & Jason: Whatever.

Jason: We are out in space, the last frontier, seeking life that's new and strange out here...
Voltaire & Jason: ...and new civilizations in the great beyond.
Jason: Boldly going where no one has gone.

Voltaire: Our tale is better in every way.
In a galaxy far, far away...
Voltaire & Jason: ...a great adventure happened a long, long time ago.
Voltaire: But, then, I don't suppose that you would know.

Jason: We have ray guns we call phasers.
Voltaire: We have blasters and lightsabers.
Jason: We have ships that fly at warp.
Voltaire: Yeah, it's called hyperspace, you dork.
Voltaire & Jason: We've got the Mugato and you have got Ewoks.
Voltaire: Yeah, well, a guy who plays with Tribbles shouldn't talk.

Jason: Come on, let's not fight.
Voltaire & Jason: It's so unintellectual.
Jason: How 'bout we join sides and be bitrektual?
Voltaire: ...That's disgusting.
Jason: ...Yeeeaaahhh, forget I mentioned it.

Jason: Klingons shooting at our starboard side.
We've got a hull breach on the Enterprise.
Voltaire & Jason: We drift into the Neutral Zone and we're on the wrong side.
Jason: We'd need a wormhole to get out alive.

Voltaire: On a moon of Yavin's where we hide, we're havin' trouble with the hyperdrive.
Voltaire & Jason: This planet keeps on spinning and the Death Star's now in sight.
Voltaire: We hope the rebels take it out in time.

Voltaire: Come on, let's not fight.
Voltaire & Jason: It's so unintellectual.
Voltaire: How 'bout we join sides and be bitrektual?
Jason: Wouldn't it be nice...
Voltaire & Jason: ...and so much more effectual...
Jason: ...to put our cares aside and be bitrektual?

Voltaire: Think how awesome it would be - a team-up with Jean-Luc and Leia.
Jason: Kirk and Chewie save the day, blowing up a Bird-of-Prey.
Voltaire: Han and Spock, they set a net and trap the Borg and Boba Fett, while 3PO and Data raid a TIE Fighter to capture Vader.
Voltaire & Jason: Luke and Worf get into it and blow the Death Star into bits.
Jason: And then we throw the Tribbles...
Voltaire & Jason: ...into the sarlacc pit...
Voltaire: ...and then we kick the Ewoks into it.

Jason: "Live long and prosper," so say we all.
Voltaire: Wait, what?
"May the force be with you."
"May the Time Lords keep you."
Voltaire & Jason: "Forever we can, Babylon."
Voltaire: There's no use debating.
Voltaire & Jason: The Stargate's waiting.

Voltaire: So, come on, let's not fight.
Voltaire & Jason: It's so unintellectual.
Voltaire: How 'bout we join sides and be bitrektual?
Voltaire & Jason: So let's take the advice of an Asian homosexual:
Voltaire: "Fellow star folks, cool it down...!"
(Robert Picardo: Celebrity voice impersonated.)
Voltaire & Jason: Let's put our cares aside and be bitrektual.
Voltaire: Hell, I want to be Sci-Fi multi-trektual.

Jason: "Live long and prosper!"
Voltaire: "May the Force be with you!"
Jason: "Never give up, never surrender!"
Voltaire: "To infinity and beyond!"
Jason: Really, Voltaire? Really?

Lyrics submitted by TR_Jessie

Bitrektual (Feat. Jason Charles Miller from Godhead) song meanings
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