Front gate to the bank
look like some pearly gates
Preying on salvation
locked inside a safe
Safe deposit box
We as sly as fox
Rolled all in Like a presidential menace
Guns cocked tucked inside our church clothes
Shot gun with the tips all sawed off
Looking like some bosses
Suit tailored especially
Fucking pocket square and my glock is my accessory
No fucking questions see just respect our needs
We’ll need you on the ground pretty please
If you wanna run you mouth ?
Im a nice guy but ?

Look the guard in the eye he aint tryin shit
cause he fifty nine almost in retirement
he just tryin to survive he got that wife and kids
old man got no place catching crooks he just tryin to finish

hit the teller with a grin
she winks back
I swear shes tryin ?
Fillin up our duffle bags with g stacks of gold bricks
just before we flee the scene she hits me with a slow kiss
take off and blast
first class mother fuckers with their foot on the gas
we got two bags full of cash
two bags full of gold bars, gold star
gone before the cops catch me now

im all alone and I need a lord
so ? and I right my wrong
gonna sing my song

theres always one punk
mother fucker wanna sing a song
like a canary getting scared deep inside a goldmine
but they the first ones to die
when they let notes fly
im right in there even before they even reach the reprise
I should have known it right
Them religious types cant hold their sins in
Ya the guilt eats them alive
So long as theses bogus priests have their g’s in their eyes
? secrets to keep but its all just a lie
See the chief of police hes one powerful guy
And the creepy old priest he like his boys on the side
So any chance that he see to toss a favor for the cheif
A get out of jail free card to use down the line

So while im sittin in the strip club with some hands on some thighs
Tippin whisky back throwin big bills in the sky
Down the block this fuckin shmuck is singin the song of his life
I’ll meet him in the yard and put a fuckin shiv in his spine

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Canary in a Goldmine song meanings
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