Echolalia, lisztomania
I played my ukelele on the way to La Grange, bruh
At Marina Gardens
Pardon, I'm barfing into my shirt sleeves with my dirt knees
Something is hurting me
The pain is in my ribcage, abstain from getting shit-faced
Abstain from judging the people who don't abstain from getting shit-faced
Tame your nervous twitch, train to be a conversationalist
Stand up with a straight back, remove from your lexicon the saying "I hate that"
Arm your pals with their own torches
Keep a vigilant watch over your soul fortress
Eat cold suppers off frisbees and don't complain
When the snow falls, dream of beaches and not propane
In lieu of paying rent, buy a painting
Approach a dead bird the way you would your father hanging in Trafalgar Square

I made you something pretty with my words today
I heard you gasp because you lack the words to say
Something you were feeling in the worst of ways
I made you something pretty with my words today

Gain muscle mass by bench pressing hedonists
Write the good raps at the apex of your sleepiness
Read Plato's Republic and promptly forget the whole thing
Though intimidated by the system, never forget your whole name
Never be caught planking
Refuse to let these assholes reduce your art to rankings
Be a pitiless censor and a ticklish tenor among better things
Lead a brave sega revolt against Negaduck and Megavolt
Raise a baby colt to be a great steer, hate fear
And learn to set the placemats with full plates and fake beer
Say grace but first state "This may be sort of weird"
In lieu of paying rent, buy a painting
Approach a dead bird the way you would your dad hanging in Trafalgar Square
Howdy there, God's voice sounds like Mister Rogers
And I'm lighting roman candles for missing toddlers and wishing-wellers
Who sit lonely in their shitty cellars

Never treat your lady like a house cat
Call your old dear friend and give her blouse back
For a couple years there I was desensitized to mouse traps
And I'm not really sure how I bounced back
Try associating grief minor chords
Your DNA remembers hide 'n' seek with dinosaurs
Self-respected, you've come a long way baby doll
If I was tiny enough I'd ride over the gravy falls
Or maybe I just need enough gravy
Two sensitive people can make a really tough baby
I think that's fucking amazing
All of my exes live in Tetris
This magic wand is just for making breakfast
Call me tiger cause I tige for a living
To tige is to fly coach with a runny nose
Or call me spider cause I spide for a living
To spide is to try to feel cool in ugly clothes

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Objectifying Rabbits (ft. Open Mike Eagle) song meanings
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