o.k., let's kick this whole thing off
with a little public announcement
don't worry, this won't be here
next time you listen this

the city is our worked out version
of the wild kingdom compartmentalized
it's straw huts on acid
and slave drivers
these little stacks of squares
and squares with twists in stacks
we piled over mother nature's bubs
why, it's make believe
and die when you're done dealing
now let's show a little decency
on the or as a whole
one what you name it
city bus or solar system

the intro
cannot live alone in cities
this is a common judgment error
or non-belief which happens and hardens all too often
it's a symptoms world that makes city life (??)
for instance i find it ludicrous and wasteful
that i'm not on a first name basis with the same ten folks
that catch our bus to work each morning

when the world sets on fire, everyone will
"help me, help me, help me, help me"

gypsy told me so his hung full of death in my face (?)
while jeff and i hid quiet on the bus
his crows feet rotten teeth and (??) made me feel self-conscious
penny for your thought which pulled a mask
and all the people of the tuesday bus
fell one lonely story from their face

gypsy got us got us all with our
with our own doing
he's the homeless man
he does not live alone

this has got to stop
and if it doesn't you just wait and hear what happens
here's what happens
sometimes people make their face like this in the city

you can't say you don't know
how as you get older how you need
someone or place or thing that did it for you
who knew

you meet a good 100 eyes a day or even more
that's around 50 people average on the daily in the city
not a whole lot i might add
and the ones you met before you stop and talk to
now i know not always, some are bad
but the rest you let go past
no matter how much it felt
like you had in common, past
could they have been a friend?

and we don't meet these people
out of fear or fear of fear
or lack of love or quality
a human kind of x-ray vision
it's a shame
a homemade belief shut-faced shame

poor people

now i can't say i know of a cure, developed it
or am on the team that's on it day and night

world peace is like a fountain of youth
you can lead a horse to water
but you can't make it you

there is no 3, or 1 or 2 for that matter
and i lied before about the intro
because this is all public announcement
of the meant unsaid and kept behind doors

let it be said butterfly

someone once said
"being part of something means
there's something all around you
city, bus, or solar system"
someone once said
"there are little things one can do
believe, to make happen better"

abide by what it's all about
the electri-city or live endings
which are sometimes as large as sunsets

or just like human contact

high fives are underrated
and life underappreciated
in many ways
by many different kinds of people
good people check
what's the difference
between different kinds of people?
all the secrets and house keys of course

appreciate what is worth saving
less bank, more world

the bus is on it's way
say, where's the love? hey!

i accept phone numbers
and opinions and the fact that
not everyone wants smiles
and eye contact
go on there look back
don't look back
court of hellos and squares
or squares with twists in stacks

at 29th and smiling child
you'll meet your dream bus
full of wives, husbands
and best laid plans

you can't tell me
that a main drag at 3 o'clock a.m.
with all it's going traffic lights and silent city hum
doesn't remind you of a seashore
that's just life
ants eat right on grass
or sidewalk cracks
or grass in sidewalk cracks

playing kids like passing cars
outside your window
have a certain harmony about them

it's the sound of shifting bricks
at night going traffic lights
that's just life

it's the sound your face makes in your head
that seashell seashore sound
that silent city hum

a man is died
a baby born
it heard a plane flew
it flew over broadway

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