[Pase Rock]

Standing on a cliff, wondering if
should we stay or should we say fuck and split?
Time is wasting like buckets of spit, had enough of this shit,
Everybody been expecting us to quit,
But we been at it some time now, you thought that we would wind down?
We'll give you something fresh and new to lie about,
These cats been pretending since the very beginning , I'm looking out,
All I see is beats, neverending, like the ocean,
Latitude, Devotion within my rhymes, gettin' mine, yup,
but this is just a moment in time,
Gotta worry bout tomorrow, not yesterday,
Not about why, what the fuck, or whoever say what they wanna,
We keep it moving like a ride or truck, you stallin' dude, you outta luck,
We tour around the world makin' a lotta bucks,
Set it off, like five dames, nautilus,
You know how many people done lied to us? The world is not enough,
You'll be asking, "Homie, buy me stuff," (So plush)
If I could drink it, they would call me a lush,
I'm overdosing, zone coasting, Hamburg to Hoboken,
Keep the crowd like a crack house that stay open,
Sing Along, We Rock On, like the name of this song,
The Five Deez, (Emcees), not Cheech and Chong,
Can only do what I can do, and that's rock it for you,
Meet you cats up on the stage behind the 1's and the 2's,

You know, We Rock On, (8x)

[Kyle David]

I read old novels, you need role models,
It's Kyle David ripping mics, I come full throttle,
I never take a sucker serious, candy ass rappers with no class
get trashed like curbside,
Never been on a herb's side, unless wrapped in a swisher with Fat Jon's beats for breakfast,
To the next level, like two dollar Tuesdays,
Cincinnati, Ham County, Where my crew stays,
Mess with the best and get strayed like the homeless,
Graze like a bullet, your life is a bonus,
It's don't really matter how it comes or it goes,
Yo, it's all the same fate when you live without control,
I'm here to tell you cats you must like it, you love it,
Drama like a soap opera, every second,
Always disconnecting affection, I guess you lacking direction,
You need to resist, like gold flexing,
You know why?


[Fat Jon]

Everybody said that it couldn't happen, you get caught napping
Everytime we step into action, you push away, we pull a fast one,
sometimes people just wanna take your smile, It's all about making it now,
They're set on breaking us down,
and it's been that way, We wouldn't accept it if the time had never came for us,
the worst is giving up, and that is strange to us,
living up to our potential's got the world stuck,
it's still only the beginning, there's no need to readjust,
we hit you with what's necessary and let styles vary so you can have a choice,
we rock so all people can have a voice,
we always set our sights on the right song, I plan on rocking all night
until the spot turns the lights on,
Nothing can stop this determination, we know more obstacles are waiting, we're counting on celebration,
The point of no return was a long time ago, so don't ask us if we're still doing it,
You should already know,


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