Oganizasyon mondyal yo pa pou nou yo ye
Sa la pou ede volè yo piye devore
Lè pèp ki lan di pran fizi yo konnen yo bouke
La medsin entènasyonal sa a met kò l sou kote

Yo fè reyinyon yo pale yo ranse
Devan vè chanpay bon diven k enpote
Se la sa rete
Lè pèp anba zam tout peyi tout kote
Mwen renmen tande zòt k ap analize
Lè l pa konsène lè l pa konsène

Tout sa moun pa vle tande se verite li ye
Reyaksyonè soudevlope yo sa pi danjere
Le enterè yo menase se yo k toujou rele
Tout fòs entevansyonis yo pou pèp ki soulve

Laklas dominant entelijan ke l ye
An prensip konnen ke l an minorite
L konn ki jan pou l jwe
Pozisyon de klas li se sa ki konte
La fè lenposib la kraze la brize
Pou l elimine ti moun ki lan ze

Nap goumen jouk mayi mi jouk tan nou libere
Pran konfyans lan lit lòt pèp yo ki pa pè tonbe
Delivrans yo se jefò yo lan san ki ap koule
Grenn doktè ta vle preskri yo voye sa jete

Nap voye oun sali pou tout pèp k ap lite
Anpil konpliman pou tout moun ki tonbe
Pou kòz libète
Pou chyen ayisyen k ap di yo kiltive
Kape fè komès ak mizè refijye
Lan inivèsite nou voye oun plòt krache
Lan inivèsite nou voye oun plòt krache
Lan inivèsite nou voye oun plòt krache

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Oganizasyon Mondyal song meanings
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    Translation(Translated from Haitian Creole by Mark Dow)


    The international organizations are not for us;
    They're there to help the thieves plunder and devour.
    When people who are suffering arm themselves,
    Know that they are exhausted.
    International medicine stays on the sidelines.

    They hold meetings, they sit and they bullshit
    With a glass of champagne, a nice imported wine
    And that's it.
    When people are under the gun all over the world,
    Don't give me all that analysis
    When you really don't give a damn.

    What people don't want to hear is the truth.
    Underdeveloped reactionaries are the most dangerous of all;
    When their interests are threatened, they're always the ones
    Who call for intervention against the people who are rising up.

    The dominant class is very clever:
    In principle they know they are the minority,
    They know how to play it.
    Their class position is what counts:
    They'll do the impossible, they'll rampage
    To eliminate the child in the womb.

    We will fight until the corn is ripe, until we are free.
    We take heart from the struggles of other peoples who are not afraid to die.
    Their deliverance is their efforts, is in their blood that is shed.
    As for the pills the doctors would like to prescribe,
    They throw them away.

    We salute all peoples who are fighting,
    We honor all those who have died
    For the cause of freedom.
    As for those Haitian dogs who say they are cultured
    While making a living from the suffering of refugees
    At their universities, we spit in your face.
    At their universities, we spit in your face.
    At their universities, we spit in your face.
    Luneson August 17, 2015   Link
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    General Comment(Note by Gage Averill on conjunctions.com)

    The former dictatorship, in an effort to skim off more profits from the country, let foreign aid groups provide all of the infrastructure, health, education and agricultural development that the Haitian government should have been providing. The resulting foreign aid bureaucracy has been compared to a shadow government that too often works in the interests of the Haitian import-export elite and against those of the peasants and the poor. One translation of the title, "World Organization," anticipates George Bush's kinder, gentler "New World Order."
    Luneson August 17, 2015   Link

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