"S.D.R.O" as written by Raphael Philip C. Dixon, Nicholas Bryant-smith, Rowan John Dix, James Dean Boserio and Gareth Hayman....
[Verse 1 Joyride]
Shouts to all my bros
Working down at the SDRO
I put your fine money up in my nose
See dollars come just as easy as they go
But none of them go to you, I'm sorry
And I'm begging please don't worry
And thank you for the payment plan
You say I missed another payment? Damn
You won't get it in a hurry
I spend too much money on cigarettes
And isolated incidents
Where Jimmy Nice has been a bad influence
I guess I'm into this eternal weekend
With this select group of friends
Who all wake up after 10
But we all like to make bad choices
Like waiting til we're broke before
We send our invoices
And making loud noises til voices yell through the wall
Shut the fuck up! but we don't care at all
See all I care about is sunshine and cafe meals
A little bit of alone time and keeping it real
So what's the deal ma?

[Hook Joyride & Solo]
Money comes, money goes
Spent Monday morning with a heavy head
And a runny nose
In yesterday's clothes
From my head to my toes
But nobody knows

[Verse 2 Solo]
You can swear and curse all you want
They gon hit you where it hurts, in your pocketses
Profit loss vs broken promises
Now they coming after you to tip the scales
Ominous letters in the mail from anonymous offices
Three dollars eighty just to ride Cityrail
And you don't want to trouble with them transit officers, so
Just keep calm and grease them palms
Be another good sheep on the farm
With the cash or the Visa card
Let's find out who got the weaker arm
There's no need for that malice in your tone
Just understand I trade my talent tryna build the bank balance
So thanks maddam, calling me on the phone with a fine
Of course I'm back chatting
My bad language isn't that bad dagnabbit
I mean some folks have got their souls crooked
Doing things that they know that they so shouldn't
Fuck a finger in the pie, nah, they want the whole pudding
While some are dole queuing, Rowan bring that old hook in


[Outro Joyride & Jimmy Nice]
We owe the SDRO
We save for rainy days and special occasions
We owe the SDRO
That R'n'R for you be revenue raising
We owe the SDRO
Holding out civil liberties to ransom
Whether you in the back of the line
Or you be the boss, you're in a blind
Shit, even when you're in a box
What, this is the anthem

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