"Methadone" as written by and Tim Mcilrath....
Love's like a needle full of methadone.
Potent but not real, left you wanting more.

Lipstick, track marks, bleeding red.
Like Montagues and Capulets.
For us child, the stars refuse to shine.
Oh why for us child, do the stars refuse to shine?

Somewhere strung out on the lam.
We wound up back here again.
Like unstable chemicals,
Combining only to explode.

What would it take for you to notice?
I am a heart on fire.
And all the world's a fuse,
So don’t get close.
The trouble and the worth
Am I better off on my own?

Contaminated, quarantined, then left alone.
A shipment refused, address unknown.
Damaged goods they soon forget.
In choking dust where we got left.
For us all, the stars refuse to shine.

Tap the vein and light the match
We burn like stars before the crash
But for you there’s still a chance
Just let go

What would it take for you to notice?
I am a heart on fire.
And all the world's a fuse,
So don’t get close
Trouble and the worth
I’m better off on my own
On my own

Now there’s nowhere to run
And yeah there’s nowhere to hide
There’s nothing under the sun
We haven’t already tried

What will it take for you to notice?
I am a hand grenade, pin already pulled so don’t let go
As we chase the sun, my shadow slows us down.
And without me along, you’re better off and I know
You’re better off and I know
And I know

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Methadone song meanings
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    General CommentSome corrections I believe would be accurate, because as written, they simply do not make any sense at all:

    "Prudent but not real, left you wanting more"

    Should be

    "Potent but not real, left you wanting more"

    Methadone is a opiod that is potent in relieving pain, however it is synthetic and can lead to dependency and addiction.

    "Oh well for us child do the stars refuse to shine?"

    Should be

    "Oh why for use child, do the stars refuse to shine?"

    The line is clearly a reference to Romeo and Juliet and their last names. This line seems to directly address the famous line of "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?" Where Juliet is asking why Romeo has to be a Montague and she a Capulet. In a somewhat linear fashion, the line in the song asks in the same dire tone, why the stars refuse to shine - in other words, why is there a struggle?

    "Assume lets stroll along the land"

    Sounds like

    "Assume we're strung out on the lam"

    This correction would make much more sense, because it actually makes more sense. The line is about being tired of being on the run and strung out on a lam translates to that.

    This part of the song is about giving up and ending back up wherever you were and shows us that if you start something, and never see the finish line, you never achieve anything.

    "I am a heart on fire, the dawn walls diffuse"

    I believe this is actually supposed to be

    "I am a heart on fire, and all the world's a fuse"

    Akin to the variant of this line "I am a hand grenade, pin already pulled", it makes much more sense for a heart on fire to refer to a bomb and everything contained inside of it to make it explode, and the world being a fuse, or what is driving the bomb to an inevitable explosion.

    "Time for vaining like a match"

    Should be

    "Tap the vein and light the match"

    This is about igniting an explosion, you tap (or strike) the vein (of the previously mentioned heart on fire) to light the match

    "As we chase the sun my shadow slowly falls down"

    Should be

    "As we chase the sun, my shadow slows us down"

    This part of the song is about being volatile and ready to explode at any point in time, and acknowledging that someone is better off without this volatility.
    Tse7en5on July 26, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is really long and rather detailed but I'm gonna take a stab at it anyway cause I feel I can relate to it really strongly.

    I'm kinda getting the impression it's about a guy in a relationship with someone while he battles a mental illness - possibly anxiety, depression or even someone with anger management issues - and this is his way of warning the girl of what they're up for if their relationship continues.

    Couple of ideas to support this:

    "Love like a needle full of methadone
    Potent but not real, left you wanting more"
    The guy feels like the girl's love for them is a painkiller; basically a safety of some sort to keep him/her happy. This person knows it's not a real kind of love and wants a more realistic and "meaningful" love, if that makes any sense.

    "Like unstable chemicals combining only to explode"
    This is where I think it turns from the guy explaining that he's messed up to explaining to the girl that this is what she's in for by staying with him. Gives me the idea that he's been trying to make himself happy on his own terms (and not just rely on her love to bring him happiness) but isn't making any progress, and a false sense of security of happiness (her love) combined with the insecurities that plague anyone with depression or anxiety just keeps causing him to overthink and worry about whether he's really happy after all. I dunno, it makes sense to me.

    "I am a heart on fire and all the world's a fuse so don't get close"
    To me this is really similar to The Fault In Our Stars in the sense that Hazel compares herself and her condition to a grenade and how one day, she doesn't know when, she'll relapse and her sickness will destroy more than just herself. It comes as the guy's warning to the girl that one day his mental illness may cause him to do something really stupid and end up hurting her in one way or another.

    "The trouble and the worth, am I better off on my own?"
    I myself have struggled with anxiety and depression for the better part of five years now; I can tell you now, this is a very common thought of insecurity that clouds a lot of sufferers of mental illness. Circling back to the first part of the chorus, he's warning the girl that he may unintentionally hurt her down the track, but at the same time he worries about whether it's worth sacrificing their relationship for the sake of eliminating the risk of hurting her altogether.

    The entire second verse is full of analogies and metaphors related to how people with anxiety and depression can feel on a daily basis. "I'm not good enough", "I feel like people are just tossing my useless self aside", "nothing's going right and it'll never get any better", etc.

    The line in the second pre-chorus, "for you there's still a chance, just let go", I think it circles back to him worrying about the sacrifice and eliminating the risk that I talked about with the chorus. It's his way of giving her a way out right then and there if she wants to eliminate any risk of getting hurt later on.

    This is what I got from it anyway. Hope this helps.
    lbguitariston July 26, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song seems to be about things that make you feel volatile, or unstable, and the struggles that come along with it. This song uses Methadone to reference an addiction to something or something that you reach out for and yearn to have.

    We sometimes find ourselves tired of reaching out for the things we want, but there are so many things out there to compel you to push forward and ignite you from inside and drive your passion for something.

    This song is about living all those ups and downs in chase of something, and not letting other people slow you down, and not letting yourself take away from the things others chase in the pursuit of happiness

    Tim stated this album was about looking inward, and it would not surprise me if this song is about his feelings of being on tour and the trials and tribulations that come with reaching out for something that he deeply loves, often finding exhaustion in it but always finding those things that kick him back into gear - which I can assume are his fans and the issues that they care to speak up about.
    Tse7en5on July 26, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a relationship, lets get that clear.

    The stars refuse to shine because in romeo and Juliet the intro had "two star-crossed lovers" in which this relationship was never supposed to happen due to the fact that there are many problems between them. But the love they have is an addiction "love like a needle full of methadone"

    Methadone is a painkiller that someone can get addicted to.

    So what i am saying is that this song is about a relationship that he/she does not believe should be. and he believes that the relationship is unstable and is ready to be over. because they'd both be better on their own.
    DJTorch26on July 31, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningThere are quite a few errors in these lyrics.

    "It's hard for me to love others because I'm never going to settle down. I am a revolutionary and I always will be. You're better off with somebody else"
    Nullroxon August 19, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI love love love Tim's voice on this song. I was hoping for some heavier moments on this album but as it turned out, this was my favorite song on there.
    Tig45on August 22, 2014   Link
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    General CommentTwo people fall in love. One person loses the spark the other continues to fall for the other. While the love seems to be there its not real. After a while the one still in love finds that the other doesn't feel the same and starts to wonder if he's better off on his own. He's scared of what it's like without the other there. Cause even tho the love isn't real if was still available. He loses the interest of the other and realizes he's holding them back. While this drives him to the edge of suicide he finally let's go.
    The good left undoneon January 24, 2016   Link
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    General CommentIt's about a relationship that is not working, as mentioned. Other factors may be there in a relationship so you keep it alive, but methadone is not heroin. It scratches the itch but doesn't give you the high.

    If you put the word "Our" at the start it makes more sense.
    undfinedon December 19, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a relationship that happened that was destined to not work out. It's possible for two people to have feelings for each other but still not be compatible and in my opinion, Methadone sums up these types of relationships perfectly. It's my favourite song on The Black Market.

    I'm a Song Meanings newbie so please correct me if I'm wrong about what follows.

    Methadone was the first lyrics I posted on here about two weeks ago but I can't seem to find my version of Methadone on here and can only see this version of the lyrics. Just wondering why they're no longer on here? I've bought The Black Market on CD so I took the lyrics right out of the official album booklet and they were more accurate than the lyrics on this version according to the previous comments I've read of this version.
    dibsbibson August 04, 2014   Link

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