Oh God this is too much for me
I try to close my eyes but I just can't get to sleep
I've been tossing and I've been turning and I've been screaming in my bed
Cause my mothers got her demons and can see 'em in my head

Come back home

I cannot comprehend the choices you have made
you traded your gold for a cold and hollow grave
Who are you now?
Who are you now?
I've never seen this side of you

She's crawling through the dirt
And shes looking for the light
But she scared of what she'll find
So she closes her eyes
She's not coming home tonight
She's intoxicated with the lies
She's not coming home tonight
The road is there but she is blind
She's lost her way
She can't seem to find the light
He's calling for her
But she can't seem to hear his voice
She's on her knees begging "please lord save me"
Her faith is wearing thin again
She's dwelling on her pain longing to be healed
But she walked out that door all on her own
You've made your choice
And now this place is not your home

Your porcelain faith has left you hollow
You chose a blind man to follow
You traded your treasure for a casket

Now this is my family
this is my family
I choose to be the bigger man
This hate has no hold on me

Though there's so much pain coursing through my veins
I decide to let it die
So I can finally come to life
Your demons are not my demons though I see that yours still live
Come on let's fight them off together cause...

I choose to forgive
I choose to love you with all I am
I choose to forgive
I choose to accept you for who you are

You will always have a home in my heart, so don't you think for a second this has torn us apart
Though I still need time to heal it doesn't mean that you're alone
Were all in this together so please come back home

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