Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull
Victim slumped on his side, left bleeding
Massive wounds to the face and neck
Shattered teeth and bone fragments scattered

Heart slows down, slowly coming to a halt
Blood pools in the body cavity, discoloured with lividity
Muscle tissues harden, rigor mortis sets them rigid
Body cold as it starts to decay. Blood congealing in the corpse
Turning black. Seeping plasma from its wounds

Cellular integrity breaks down. Enzymes eating at the tissues,
Blistering autolysis. Lactic acid builds from anaerobic organism
Starting putrefaction. Stench of overwhelming horror

Abdomen distends, Rupturing the skin
Fluids leaking out from every orifice
Insects eating their way in
As the maggots feast inside the bloated body
Skin succumbs to slippage

Putrid effluence of liquefied intestines bursting out from splitting skin, to the
As the feeding frenzy quickens pools of viscous liquid gather from decomposition
The maggots have their feed, now they leave to pupate, the cadaver drained and hollow
Resting place determined. A feeding ground for vermin

Decomposing flesh. Chaos as the insects hatch and devour
the body. Blowfly larvae squirm in the corpse and devour
rotting organs while excreting toxic fumes

Scratch for a place in the body harvest
Reduced to nothing with voracious feeding
A writhing mass of oozing gore. Flies...

Breeding in the mess. Hatching in their thousands now as
they swarm the body
Chewing through fat, flesh and blood. The carnage only
ends when the corpse is a hollow shell

Eyes cold and dead, nothing but a feeding ground for its
carrion clientele
Reduced to nought but a blackened mess, the remaining mass
will be broken down to decay

Now the skeleton remains, bones left bleaching in the sun
Ripped apart by rats and scattered
No sign of life remains in the place where one was slain
Bleaching in the sun

Lyrics submitted by Opethfanatic89

Bleaching In The Sun song meanings
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