I know you well my dear
She said ‘you’re shaking
On the lips, hun
Your shirt’s a shade of green
Now dance like you mean it
On the lips, hun’

A letter from the Blacksmith’s son
Silence in the rectory walls
The ghosts that we know walk at 3am
While you’re awake on the other side

My dear you were willing
The square it was filling
On a Friday night
You crowd round ice buckets
Drank until you dreamed
On a Friday night

Get off your horse and count to ten

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    Song MeaningThis song has several layers.
    The first verse is about nervousness around women and is a nod to butterflies and anxiety on the part of the man. The woman in this case is strong and confident, and sensing the man's nerves tries to lighten the atmosphere and give him the confidence to move in for the kiss.

    The bridge and chorus are about promiscuity, and the shunning and contempt for sexual behaviour in days gone by, but still existent in some archaic attitudes today. "A letter from the Blacksmith's son" can be taken to mean a young man desperately trying to display his feelings of passion for a woman but having to try to hide it from society. Similarly, "silence in the rectory walls" is a reference to the hushing up and dismissal of any form of sexual desire by the church. The ghosts that walk at 3am are the guy's thoughts - insomnia. He is tormented by the trials and tribulations of modern love. His girlfriend is on the other side of the world (hence "while you're awake on the other side") but this fits with the metaphor of ghosts and 'passing over'.

    The second verse is about breaking free of this sexual repression, both imagined by the man through his nerves in the first verse and real through the actions of outdated attitudes in the bridge and chorus. Harry spent a lot of time in Spain and is remembering the 'botellons' where people would gather in a square and drink and be merry. And of course flirt. It is a relaxed atmosphere.

    The outtro line "get off your horse and count to ten" is about getting perspective. You've had all these nerves, all these games, all this suppression of desire, and when you finally end the night you need to reflect and calm down. It keeps the theme of old England from the chorus.
    dw20on July 06, 2014   Link

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