Walkin' down west 33rd street
To Macy's past Jack Dempsey's
Past the neon lights in Madison Square
I need a heavier coat to wear
Where are you off to, where are you goin'?
went off to Germany and then to Poland
Myslowice or Katowice
oh baby can I get a kiss?
another taste of your sweetness,
another night in your heavenliness
another look at you wearing nothing
but that bracelet on your skinny wrist
I fell asleep and I had a dream
it was summer on the beach St. Augustine

and the water was warm and blue
I was playing in a small room
I met a brunette in a pretty dress
went to her AC'ed apartment
she smoked a joint and she drank absinthe
and laid there like a slab of cement

And I left and we lost touch
Shit I can't say I really missed her much
and when I left we fell out of touch
and I doubt she ever thought of me much

I woke up and I didn't wanna go
looked out the window at the blinding white snow
but I still got my taxi though
said goodbye, shut off my phone
I waited for an hour at the terminal
writing notes in my moleskin journal
after all these years I still panic
when I cross the goddamn Atlantic

squeezed into seat 33b
sippin' Starbucks gunpowder tea
try to remember some of my tunings
all of them C-G-C-F-G-C
well it's all I ever really need
to get from point A to point Z
to get from alesund to leaning tree
and in the worst shape I can always sing

Jetlagged as fuck in Beijing
after a sleepless all night fling
with the stomach flu in Ireland
with strep throat in Newfoundland
I just need a decent guitar tone
and a 58 microphone
a pretty girl in the front row
I don't need a drink, I don't need no blow
to get through a two hour show
in Katowice or Cologne

oh when I get home
gonna sleep til the cows come home
and take a little trip you know
out to Anchorage or Juneau
maybe Oaxaca, Mexico
oh fuck I really don't know
what I'm gonna do when I'm home
I might just stay in San Francisco
take a weekend in Pescadero
dig up some abalone
go fishin' for some cabazone
go fishin for some sandsharks
go fishin' till it gets dark
go pickin' some artichokes
then run a hot bath and soak
then run a hot bath and soak

Lyrics submitted by T_D_Phoenix, edited by Marvinparsons, Sirius1

Katowice Or Cologne song meanings
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