You're throwing the game
Destroying our name
Get a brain, cause yours is dead
Fuck fortune and fame
They're the brunt of my bane
Insane, you're outta your head
There's stupid around
There's stupid abound
No ground, no sound
I'm lost in space
Laughing all the way down
I'm the saddest of clowns
Trying to entertain this graceless race
You're subhuman waste
And I cannot take
The things you say
I cannot wait
'Til you are erased
I hope the day's today
And I hate
To see you this way
Trust that my pain
Can't be explained
In any plain way
It aggravates
I'm breaking in ways
You can't even say
It's so depraved
Stuck in a cage
That stupid has made
Just like my rage
I will escape
I fear not the grave
I'll find a way
But while I stay
Please, will you stay
The fuck away
I'm seething as I sit here
Shit has not quite let up yet
Trouble breathing, and I can't hear
But I'm not too beat to bet
I'm winner, you're my dinner
I'm a sinner, you're my prey
While I'm waiting, quit your shaking
Pack your shit and go away
Time takes hold, I am feeling like gold
Made of steel in a cage of glass
Breaks so slo-mo, like a photo of snow
And I drink in the poison gas
I'm a pitch black mass in the days of the last
I'm a fast, fast crash with a mile high splash
Burn all in my path, stone, steel, and grass
Then trash this town with a megaton blast
Day to night, you're sealed up tight
Clinging close to your kin for days
But bereft of clues of what it's like to lose
This brutal game that you choose to play
I'ma sit tight right 'til you think it's okay
I'ma light the way from night to day
I'ma burn Earth down in a radiant blaze
'Til you all just go away

Go away
Go away, go away , go away
Go away, go away , go away
Go away, go away , go away

By the rockets' red glare, bombs burst in air
Shed lights on the plights and cares
Of the blights of heirs think it's right to care
'Bout the fight to bear weak arms
They're giving mice for bears
Can't care for the policy built from dishonesty
Philosophy probably prime for hypocrisy
Scared of democracy, flair for atrocity
Sucking at the fossil feed at terminal velocity
Collagen smiles split the faces of fiends
Under halogen stars and mechanical dreams
And tyrannical schemes, Evangelical screams
And the dollar runs all, sense lost on both teams
Marionettes, more dregs than vets
Start a bloodlust game no one wants to play
I'ma ask once more: What you waiting here for?
Got it better if we go away

Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away, go away
Go away

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Lab Rats [Go Away] song meanings
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