Breathe smoke and I bleed magma
I leave footprints made of ash
I'm an angel sent from hell
To save the present from the past
That's returned again, to burn again
In the guise of mankind's destiny
You pursue it, but you'll rue it
You still do it so aggressively
I can't save you from the things you do
Drop 'em bomb by bomb 'til the bomb drops you
The sky turns red and your face turns blue
And you can't get a break 'cause you can't get a clue
And I don't really wanna try to save this race
I don't really wanna have to slow my pace
Won't cry for you, won't die for you
Won't try, you are toxic waste

Honestly, don't try to follow me
Just admit I'm a motherfucking prodigy
Spit solidly, sick quality
Take no shit except your apology
I ran and I ran to the end of time
So far ahead, thought I was left behind
I'll ascend and descend to amend what's mine
I will right what's left like a horizontal line
So good it hurts as I pen this verse
I send from the end of the universe
Gift or a curse, for better or worse
From the hearse to the womb, living in reverse
Hard to believe that I could achieve
A state so great, never stopping me
Need insulin, I am way too sweet
So bow to my feet as I drop the beat
No vanity, just sanity
I'm the last grand stand of humanity
A spark in the dark of the last abyss
And it's true, always knew it would come to this
Evolution revolution
From ape to man to legend
Survival of the fittest
My arrival to the heavens
Revival, tall as Eiffel
And I'm repping 517
Brought Armageddon early
Back in 20 and 11

It is too late
Sealed your own fate
Don't try to pray
Just blow away
It is too late
Sealed your own fate
Don't try to pray
Just blow away
It is too late

Ignorance bears prevalence
Its relevance is naught
Thinking yields to drinking
Leads to sinking in a plot
Intelligence lost relevance
Repentance should be sought
Ascending: comprehending
And amending what you've thought
Could be a jet plane, man
I am that damn fly
When I've flown, I'm going home
Cause I fell from the sky
Repetitions of emissions
Of the light that blinds
I'm the one, life's a rung
On the ladder I climb
Slaying so steady
Found a mountain of death
Beneath the soles of my feet
Don't even stop for a breath
I am savage, unholstered
And I can manage unbolstered
To leave you ravaged and closer
To bread that's stuck in the toaster

It is too late
Sealed your own fate
Don't try to pray
Just blow away
It is too late
Sealed your own fate
Don't try to pray
It is too late

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